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Naughty Secret Santa

Why be nice when you can be naughty? The best thing about secret Santa, is of course, it’s a secret! It’s the perfect opportunity to be a little bit risqué without anyone knowing it was you. We’ve got all sorts of rude secret Santa gifts that’ll spark some sniggers and giggles. Whether you want to make them blush, chuckle, or cry with laughter, your recipient is sure to be in with a surprise when they open one of our hilarious naughty gifts!

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The nice thing about Secret Santa is that it's just that – a secret! As long as you know your recipient can take a bit of a joke, you have the ideal opportunity to be a bit cheeky and naughty. We've got some really rude secret Santa gifts that will lead to smutty sniggers all round.

Secret Santa gifts are designed to be a bit of fun and usually come with a budget that is squarely aimed at the 'cheap and cheeky' market – and we've got that market right here for you. Many of our naughty secret Santa gifts are under ten pounds and some of them are even under five pounds. At these kinds of prices you could even get a couple of things to double their fun this Christmas. (Don't worry, you can also do the whole of your Christmas shop with us at the same time, so the postage for these little things will be negligible.)

Poor Santa would blush as red as his suit if he could see some of the products in this category. They're a mixture of fun, silly, dirty and just plain offensive – all with a very adult theme of course! Anyone who buys our receives these hilarious gifts are going straight onto the naughty list. Mind you, if these are the kinds of products you get instead of coal when you're barred from the nice list we might see if we can make the crossover too!

Some of them are useful, some of them are edible (some of them are both) and since we're at the forefront of novelty gifts we're always adding new things to our collection and you're bound to see something here that you've never clapped eyes on before. The surprise value makes the item all the funnier when they unwrap it – hopefully in front of loads of colleagues and maybe even your boss.

Whether it's friends, colleagues or another social group, leave the large, tasteful gifts for family members and get something for your Secret Santa that is naughty and cracks them up. Whilst we don't recommend upsetting anyone, as long as you choose your recipient carefully you can get away with having a bit of a joke since it's all completely anonymous.