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Having a home to call your own is pretty special, especially when you can fill it with the presence of a furry animal you're obsessed with (if you love animals, that is...) If you know someone who has just moved home, someone who lives for summer days in their garden or someone who can't get enough of their fluffy friend, this is the gift page for you. From quirky gifts for the kitchen to personalised posters all about their darling pets and places to keep trinkets to eco-friendly outdoor gifts, there’s tonnes of choice to suit plenty of personalities. Just as there is loads of choice with home, garden and pet gifts, there are a few ways to shop gifts and we know that there won’t be two people who choose gifts in the same way. With our expertise, we’ve come up with a solution to help you find the ideal gift with as little stress as possible.

You know who you’re buying for

This is the best place to start. If you know who you’re buying for, you have an idea of what they like. At least, in theory you should. Perhaps you’re buying something spicy for your kitchen-loving dad who can cook up a storm. Perhaps you want something sentimental for the couple to share everything they love about their home. Perhaps you’re looking for a quirky poster that shows just how much they adore their pet as soon as anyone walks through their front door.

You know exactly what you’re looking for

You’ve got the exact gift in your mind. It’s going to blow them away. You just need to find it. The easiest thing to do is to head straight to the search bar; we have pages and pages of home gifts to browse through. If we’ve got what you’re looking for, perfect! If we haven’t, we can provide alternatives that are just as fab or point you in the right direction to find what you need.

You know the occasion, but not the gift

The most obvious occasion is the celebration of a new home or pet, but there are others too. Gift someone a family tree decoration to celebrate a new addition to the family, human or otherwise, or present a personalised glass token with words of positivity during distressing times. How about a decanter in the shape of their favourite superhero, say Batman, as a quirky gift to celebrate graduating. Provide the alcohol to put in it and you might just be the coolest person around.

You know what they will love but need a nudge in the right direction

They’re a homebody through and through. Do they love sentimental gifts that make them cry happy tears? Do they love to laugh uncontrollably? Do they want to experience something new and hang it in their home to look at daily? Would they rather you buy something for their pet rather than themselves? Ask yourself these questions and you’ll be closer to the answer than you think. If you want something to encompass all three questions, how about a gift voucher that will allow them to personalise their own item with the joys of their home? Whichever home gift you choose, if you make them feel special, your job is done!

You need something ASAP, whatever the gift

You’ve been so wrapped up in work, life and trying to keep the balance, that you’ve forgotten what day it is. Either that, or you’re the type of person who leaves it way last minute. Before you go into panic mode, know that we offer a Next Day Delivery service on plenty of our gifts. Simply select the Super Fast option and we’ll collate the home, garden and pet gifts that can be ordered and with you within 48 hours, all from the comfort of your own place.

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