What are Loyalty Points & How can I Collect them?

When you shop with us, every purchase you make, you can collect Loyalty Points.

Every penny = 1 Loyalty Point which you can choose to spend or save over time. A purchase of £10 gives you 1000 Loyalty Points and this is equal to a 1% discount. You can collect up to 20,000 Loyalty Points, giving you a maximum discount of 20%!

For Example: If you make a purchase totalling £42.95 (excluding shipping), then you would collect 4295 Loyalty Points to add to Your Account. When you come back to make another purchase, you could choose to use these points to give you a 4% discount, or you could save them and collect more points to use in the future.


You must be a registered customer on the site to be able to collect Loyalty Points

If you return items, your Loyalty Points are deducted accordingly.

Loyalty Points cannot be used on any items already on sale or in conjunction with any other offer.

Loyalty Points cannot be used against Activities or Fresh Flowers as they come from a large number of different suppliers who do not allow us to give out discounts on these items.

When you choose to Spend your Loyalty Points/Discount, ALL points will be used on the one purchase and the Loyalty Points/Discount will be reset to Zero.

Apart from collecting points from purchases, FREE points are available to registered customers who complete our questionnaire, comments or reviews (see other sections for more details)

How do I use Loyalty Points?

Loyalty Points collected from purchases are automatically assigned to your account. Loyalty points collected from completing our questionnaire, comments or reviews, may take 48 hours for your points to show on your account.

When you get to the Checkout Stage of your purchase, you will see the Loyalty Points/Discount you have collected and by selecting one of the Loyalty Point option buttons, you can choose to spend or save before you complete your order. When you choose to spend the discount, your order value will be adjusted accordingly and your points then reset to zero so you can start saving again.

You can also see how many Loyalty Points you have collected, and what % Discount that equates to, by logging into Your Account. You can do this by clicking the 'My Account' blue tab at the top of this page.

Collect FREE Loyalty Points for Sending in a Product Review

You will find on every Product Page, there is a section at the bottom of the page where you can complete a Product Review. We value what our customers have to say about the products we choose to put on the site and would be grateful for you letting us know your opinions. In return we would like to Thank You for your time and credit your account with 2000 Loyalty Points when you submit the Product Review (that's an instant 2% discount!)

PLEASE NOTE: Only registered customers (those that have opened an account prior to sending a Product Review) can receive the points. But please feel free to leave a product review even if you are not a registered customer!

How do I know how many points I've got?

Log into your account and you'll be able to see how many loyalty points you've earned under the headers on the My Account page.