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Flying Experiences & Helicopter Days Out

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Want to watch someone you love take to the skies? You’ve landed on the right runway with this page filled with flying experiences, helicopter days out and more. If the jetsetter you know enjoys taking control of their own life or wants to learn something unique and different, there are flying lessons to suit their need for a thrill from incredible heights. If they adore a touch (or bucket-full) of luxury, helicopter rides across both cities and countryside alike will give an edge of sophistication to any special occasion, whether it is a milestone birthday celebration, a retirement gift or a special anniversary present for a couple you adore. Explore more present ideas that take things to the next level below. 

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  • Gifts for Him (52)
    • Boys (5)
    • Teenage Boys (14)
    • Son (25)
    • Brother (41)
    • Dad (50)
    • Husband (50)
    • Boyfriend (48)
    • Friend (44)
    • Grandad (33)
  • Gifts for Her (37)
    • Girls (3)
    • Teenage Girls (12)
    • Daughter (17)
    • Sister (8)
    • Mum (14)
    • Wife (26)
    • Girlfriend (24)
    • Friend (13)
    • Grandma (10)
  • Gifts for Couples (16)
    • Mum & Dad (13)
    • Partners (12)
    • Grandparents (11)
    • Friends (13)
  • Other Recipients (43)
    • Friends (40)
    • First Time Dads (1)


  • Birthday (51)
    • 16th Birthday (1)
    • 18th Birthday (3)
    • 21st Birthday (10)
    • 30th Birthday (10)
    • 40th Birthday (10)
    • 50th Birthday (15)
    • 60th Birthday (10)
    • 70th Birthday (6)
  • Anniversary (43)
    • 1st Anniversary (3)
    • 5th Anniversary (3)
    • 10th Anniversary (5)
    • 20th Anniversary (6)
    • 25th Anniversary (8)
    • 30th Anniversary (11)
    • 40th Anniversary (6)
    • 50th Anniversary (7)
    • 60th Anniversary (4)
  • Wedding (33)
    • Engagement (6)
    • Bride (1)
    • Bride & Groom (6)
    • Father of the Bride or Groom (14)
    • Groom (17)
    • Mother of the Bride or Groom (4)
  • Other Occasions (36)
    • Retirement (31)
    • Leaving (10)
    • Congratulations (13)
    • Graduation (18)
    • Valentines Day (25)
    • Mothers Day (17)
    • Fathers Day (44)
    • Christmas (54)
      • Stocking Fillers (13)


Wing Walking Day in Yorkshire
  • 10 minute wing walking flight.
  • Selected dates between May and September.
  • Fly on the top wing of a Boeing Stearman.
Fly with a Spitfire
from £549.00
  • Enjoy a flight alongside a Spitfire.
  • Take off from airfields in Essex or Kent.
  • Watch as the iconic Spitfire dances around you!
Weekday Sunrise Balloon Flight Deals
from £159.00
  • A sunrise morning flight in a hot air balloon.
  • 50+ locations nationwide.
  • Available for one or two people.
Wing Walking in Kent
from £379.00
  • 10 minute wing walking flight.
  • Choose between a midweek or a weekend voucher.
  • Fly on the top wing of a Boeing Stearman.
7 Day Anytime Hot Air Balloon Flights
from £189.00
  • Hot air balloon flight for one or two people.
  • 50+ locations nationwide.
  • Morning or evening flights, 7 days a week.
Ultimate Wing to Wing Spitfire Experience
from £579.00
  • Fly alongside a rare Mk1a Spitfire.
  • Meet the spitfire pilot and ask questions.
  • Entrance to the Imperial War Museum and much, much more.
Tiger Moth Flights in Oxfordshire
from £154.00
  • A choice of different flight lengths to choose from.
  • Evening & weekend flights available, in a stunning Tiger Moth.
  • If you're feeling up to it, experience some exciting acrobatic moves!
Nationwide Gliding Experience
  • Voucher valid for glider clubs around the country
  • Enjoy the sensation of silent flight
  • Have a go at the controls during your flight
Top Gun Experience in West Sussex
from £595.00
  • Take a ride in a T67 Firefly.
  • Available for 1 or 2 people, on Fridays or Saturdays.
  • Engage in aerial combat against your opponent.
Two Seater Spitfire Flight & Heritage Hangar Visit
from £2,975.00
  • Sit in the rear seat of a Spitfire on an incredible flight.
  • Choose from a flight over the White Cliffs of Dover, Weald of Kent or Beachy Head.
  • Take the controls during your flight!
Extended Lake District Helicopter Tours
from £149.00
  • A 30-minute flight over the Lake District.
  • Available for one or two people.
  • Stunning views of Lake Windermere and the surrounding areas.
Duxford Flying Lessons
from £125.00
  • A choice of 30 and 60-minute flying lessons.
  • Entry to the famous Imperial War Museum.
  • Take the controls and fly the plane yourself.
WW2 Lancaster Bomber Flight Simulator Experiences
from £99.00
  • Fly an Avro Lancaster bomber simulator
  • Get a feel for what it was like as WW2 bomber pilot
  • Choose between one or two 30-minute sessions
Extended Dambusters Helicopter Tours
from £149.00
  • A 30-minute helicopter pleasure flight.
  • Available for one or two people.
  • See where the Dam Busters trained in WW2.
Tiger Moth Flight in Kent
from £159.00
  • Fly in either an ex RAF, or an American built Tiger Moth.
  • Fly from the famous Headcorn Aerodrome in Kent.
  • A range of flight lengths to choose from, in this vintage biplane.
WW2 Flight Simulators
from £55.00
  • Fly a WW2 plane in a simulator.
  • Full sized, authentic simulators in Leighton Buzzard.
  • Choose between a Spitfire MK9 or Messerschmitt BF109.
Weekday Hot Air Balloon Flights
from £169.00
  • Weekday hot air balloon flight for one or two people.
  • 50+ locations nationwide.
  • Morning or evening flights, Monday to Friday.
30 Minute Flying Lessons
from £89.00
  • 30 minute flights chock to chock
  • Nationwide locations available
  • 20+ airfields across the UK to choose from
Historic Tiger Moth Flight in Shoreham
from £149.00
  • Choice of flying in either a 1940’s Tiger Moth or Stampe SV4 Biplane.
  • Variety of flights available – 15, 30, 40 or 60-minute.
  • Take the controls yourself once airborne.
Nationwide Four Seater Flying Lessons
from £109.00
  • Learn to fly in a four seater plane
  • Flight training centres around the UK
  • Chance to 'take the controls' yourself
  • Possibility of inviting a passenger
Vintage Biplane Flights Nationwide
from £159.00
  • A choice of flight times, across an array of Nationwide locations.
  • There will be a chance to take the controls during your incredible flight.
  • Fly in a genuine biplane, taking to the skies in either a Tiger Moth & Stampe.
AeroSuperBatics Wingwalking Experience
  • 8-10 minute wing walking flight.
  • Fly on the top wing of a Boeing Stearman.
  • Private WW1 Airfield in The Cotswolds.
Football Stadium Helicopter Tour for Two
  • A choice of 16 Football stadiums to see, across the UK.
  • A helicopter flight for two lucky people.
  • Taking off from airfields across the UK.
Ultimate Extra 330 Aerobatics Experiences
from £249.00 save upto £50.00
  • Choose between a 20 or 30-minute flight
  • Fly from White Waltham - home of British Aerobatics
  • The chance to have a go at the controls yourself
1950s Military Trainer Air Experience
from £229.00
  • Vintage flights out of Compton Abbas airfield, in a 1950s Chipmunk.
  • 30, 45 & 60-minute flight options available.
  • A vintage passenger ride in a classic military aircraft.
Extended Newcastle City & Angel of the North Helicopter Tours
from £149.00
  • Fly for 25-30 mins onboard a jet powered helicopter.
  • See incredible views of the great city of Newcastle and the Angel of the North.
  • Tours available for one or two people.
UK Wide Aerobatic Flight Experiences
from £149.00
  • 20-30mins of flying time at your choice of venue
  • Pull some serious G during your flight
  • A variety of aerobatics planes available
Insight to Becoming a Helicopter Pilot
from £159.00
  • Available for one or two people.
  • A hands-on 1 to 1 helicopter flying lesson.
  • Lunch and a hanger tour, depending on your chosen location.
Wing Walking Experience in Lincolnshire
  • 10 minute wing walking flight.
  • Selected weekday & weekend dates from April to October
  • Fly on the top wing of a Boeing Stearman.
Private Pilot's Licence/National Private Pilot's Licence Training Nationwide
  • A block of three x 1-hour lessons
  • Ideal start towards pilot qualification
  • Offered at training schools nationwide
Hampshire Flying Lessons
from £149.00
  • Fly the plane yourself.
  • Amazing views of beautiful Hampshire.
  • Fly from an ex RAF base in Andover.
Exclusive & Romantic Ballooning for Two
  • Exclusive 1hr hot air balloon ride
  • Weekday morning flight
  • 30+ locations nationwide
Lake District Flying Lessons
from £135.00
  • Fly across the stunning Lake District.
  • Take the controls and fly the plane yourself.
  • Various lesson length and aircraft options.
Extended Stonehenge & Salisbury Plains Helicopter Tours
from £149.00
  • A 30-minute pleasure flight.
  • Available for one or two people.
  • Incredible views of Stonehenge and Salisbury Plains.
Wing Walking in Shaftesbury
  • 10 minute wing walking flight.
  • Available on selected dates between April and October.
  • Fly on the top wing of a Boeing Stearman.
Wing Walking in Devon
  • 10 minute wing walking flight.
  • Available on weekday and weekend dates throughout the year.
  • Fly on the top wing of a Boeing Stearman.
Cambridge Flying Lessons
from £125.00
  • Your first taste of flying a plane.
  • Views across the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside.
  • Options of planes and flight durations to choose from.
Emmerdale and York Sightseeing Flights
from £199.00
  • Pleasure flight over both York City and the Emmerdale exterior filming location.
  • Available for one or two people.
  • An exciting 45-minute flight.
Extended Oxford City & Dreaming Spires Flying Tours
from £149.00
  • A 30-minute Oxford City helicopter tour.
  • Available for one or two people.
  • Taking off from Oxford Helipad in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire.
Glasgow Flying Lessons
from £139.00
  • Take the controls and fly the plane yourself.
  • Expert tuition, with flight time going towards your PPL.
  • Different flight time and plane options available.
Liverpool John Lennon Airport Flying Lessons
from £179.00
  • Lessons at John Lennon Airport
  • Two and four seater aircraft offered
  • Spectacular views of Liverpool from the air
Drone Lessons at Nationwide Venues
from £120.00
  • Enjoy 1 to 1 drone flying tuition and coaching.
  • You’ll learn to fly DJI Phantom and Mavic pro drones.
  • Choose between a one-hour or a two-hour session.
Blackpool Flying Lessons
from £99.00
  • See Blackpool Tower & Pleasure Beach
  • Flight academy of excellence
  • Fab spectator views from 'Airside' café

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