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Traffic Jam: The 5 Hour Experience

Traffic Jam: The 5 Hour Experience

  • A whole 5 hours stuck in a traffic jam
  • Learn patience when faced with a jam
  • Learn skills such as how to prepare for a jam, how to pee in a bottle
  • 5 hours of low octane, clutch-riding action
  • The chance to go 0-12mph in 180 seconds

Now, we all need to get better at this: being stuck in traffic. We all know we’re wasting humungous amounts of our time on the road, when there are plenty of other exciting things to be doing out there. Such as litter picking.

We are giving you the chance to purchase this experience for that really impatient friend of yours. The one who always stresses about being late, and always moans when they’re held up! We’ll send them to wherever there is the stickiest of traffic jams, and they can learn to build a bridge then get over it.

They can learn how to prepare, what to take with them and how to be polite to other drivers. They’ll learn that burning time not rubber is actually a great way to unwind, and how to take it slow and embrace the rat race. What’s more they’ll learn how to successfully pee into a bottle, a life skill right there.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to enjoy 5 hours of low octane, clutch-riding action? It will be a thrilling ride with a conga line of cars, they could even go 0-12mph in 180 seconds!!! Your traffic grumpy friend will soon turn that grumpy frown upside down and learn that it isn’t about the destination, it's about the journey.

It’s not as fun as strawberry jam but it does have less calories!

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