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Christmas Gifts

Whatever the time of year is, the C word is on somebody's lips. Not that C word! Christmas of course. With all the magic and festivities in the air, the thrill of buying Christmas gifts gets bigger and bigger until presents and wrapping paper are all you can think about. Don't worry! We're here to be your little elves and help guide you to finding the perfect Christmas gift for every member of your family, friendship circle and work buddies, no matter how much you love them, or how little. Christmas, after all, is your second favourite C word with chocolate as your first... Why? What C word were you thinking of?!

There are people who live for Christmas gift giving like Will Ferrell in Elf, jumping up and down in a ball of excitement. And then there are the Scrooges of Christmastime who would rather block out every single jingle and every single carol in order to have a bit of peace without the Noel. Whatever Christmas criteria you fall into (even if you're a mix of both), we are here to help find the perfect Christmas gift whatever their style, taste and relationship to you.

If you are a lover of great tradition, look no further that this top twelve list of traditional Christmas gifts. We have everything from gift experiences to personalised presents and items in between. However, you wouldn't be at Find Me a Gift if you wanted thorough tradition, so there are little twists on traditional Christmas presents that will please the whole family and bring a little bit of the unusual underneath the Christmas tree this festive season.

  • A classic bauble for the tree if it is a married couple's first Christmas, or your baby's first Christmas on this earth. Both are extremely momentous occasions and need to be marked with pride in a traditional, beautiful way.
  • Kick start the party season with a six pack of luxury Virgin Wines that will add definition to any wine connoisseur's wine cabinet. If wine doesn't do the job, a bottle of champagne just might. It's time to celebrate in style!
  • A hamper of goodies is welcome underneath any Christmas tree so treat a loved one to a Christmas hamper full of sweet treats or coffee surprises and see if any of the products will make it to new year.
  • Combine Christmas tradition with tradition of a different kind: a darling afternoon drinking tea and eating finger sandwiches and cakes with a loved one. This gift experience is classic and sentimental with the chance to taste the exquisite and dine in somewhere that exudes regal or quirky atmospheres.
  • For children, some of the most cherished gifts are books... and for adults too. With classic children's books such as Winne The Pooh and adult book subscriptions, the gift of reading will bring content to your loved ones and a peaceful home for you too.
  • A brand new toy for the ever-growing toy box (no matter their age) is a welcome gift that will be received with excitement and love. Whether it is a new cuddly toy or an educational science kit for the kids in your life or something a little more complicated for adults, there is a toy for everyone this Christmas.
  • Pamper packs full of bath bombs have become a tradition in their own right. They are simple, comforting and an easy way to give somebody some much needed relaxation after a year full of working hard and playing even harder.
  • Everybody loves a traditional pub outing during the festive season whether it is for delicious food or sparkling drinks or both. Extend the joyful period by treating a loved one to a mini break for two at a traditional inn or pub that will warm the cockles of their hearts.
  • Home accessories for those who love to live the cosy life are perfect presents for Christmas. Cushions make for a simple yet effective accessory that can reflect how well you know the recipient. Perhaps they adore their four-legged pups or feline friends, or maybe they always love a cuddle, or a good trend in the shape of a flamingo or unicorn. Whatever their anecdote, there is a comfy cushion waiting for their head to rest on this Christmas.
  • Another traditional home accessory to buy for a loved one this Christmas is something that brings a warm ambience to the colder nights in the form of a candle. From the sweet personalised gifts to the candles that put the filth back into Santa's Sack, these candles will bring joy to any recipient! Just be sure not to mix up the classic and the rude. We're not sure your mum will appreciate the latter...
  • Gift something special this Christmas with a piece of jewellery they can treasure forever. With items such as personalised leather bracelets for him and for her alongside pendants that will guard someone's safety, there is a trinket for every important person in your life.
  • With a new decade just around the corner, people want to make it the best one yet! Give the gift of trying something new this Christmas. From making pottery and playing golf to advancing their culinary skills with dim sum or sushi, there is no time like the present to expand their knowledge and skills with a fun and inspiring experience.

Sick of all the traditional lark and wanting to bring some unusual flavour back into your life? Read on for 12 Gifts of Quirkiness to spread joy with this year.

  • People either love sprouts, or they hate them. If they're on the hater side, but feeling a little left out (or you want to crack a Christmas joke well before dinner), these chocolate sprouts will be the most delicious greens they eat all day.
  • Does a phone alarm just not do it anymore? Make them feel like they are getting up for something more exhilarating than their day at school or 9 to 5 with this Secret Agent Alarm Clock.
  • Give them their 5 a Day with something a little bit sweeter and much more delicious. These chocolate vegetables should do the trick!
  • Get a loved one's adrenaline pumping with an unusual driving experience that sees cars on top of cars and circus acts like no other! .
  • For the religious folk in your life who need a Jesus in theirs, this Grow Your Own Jesus can be made in just three days, that's half of what it took his father to create the whole world in his hands.
  • What fun is dressing up a Christmas tree when you can dress up your lovely locks with these Hair Baubles?
  • Who here doesn't like Morgan Freeman?! We bet there is someone in your family who adores his voice and his acting skills. It wouldn't hurt if they love chocolate bourbons too. This quirky Bourbon Freeman Mug has it all!
  • The messiest of desk workers need a little nudge in the right direction. Start the new year right with the World's Smallest Vacuum, the best novelty Christmas gift every neat-freak needs.
  • For the person who convinces themselves they will reduce the beer gut tremendously after Christmas, buy this Miracle Beer Belly Reduction Soap to kickstart the inevitable new year diet early!
  • Treat a loved one to a shock with this Personalised Jar of Christmas Poo Sweets. We promise that they aren't real poos, but tasty chocolate logs that will give the normal Christmas sweets a run for their money!
  • Enjoy the look on their faces when they open this Pet Sweep Prank Pack to find that there is not in fact a pair of dog-hair slippers inside, but something special that you've bought them instead!
  • Make their 80s dreams come true with a Retro Mini Arcade Machine - they may not be able to go back in time, but their game skills can have a taste of the golden decade of arcading.

Now, you don't need to worry about Santa getting all the glory with the incredible, amazing, jaw-dropping presents that he's got in his sack because yours are just as great, if not better! Enjoy Christmas this year with stress-free shopping and maybe even treat yourself to something in the process. Go on, you know you deserve it.

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