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60th Gifts For Men

“I wanted to show I had balls at age 60. Just because society says I’m old, doesn’t mean that I am. I’m pursuing happiness, even if it makes the people around me unhappy” - Sylvester Stallone.


Men and ageing are shrouded in a negative light; the pressures of work and living a life that fulfils their every need is a burden that pulses the older they get. More often than not, it is society dictating this notion to men and let us tell you, men need to ignore society, just like Rocky himself, and live their best lives. As men get older, there is a “carefree enjoyment of life, an abandoning, when people can be themselves and forget the cares of life” (Ageing: The Bigger Picture via The Guardian). This is the time for men to enjoy themselves, to go out and see the world they have worked so hard in, to make time for their loved ones and create memories that will last a lifetime. They must make the golden years the best years they’ve ever had and get started with a celebration that marks this historic occasion.


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Seafood Dining At Loch Fyne

Despite this incredible milestone, many men want to appear younger than they are, less old. You wouldn’t think it, but men age less gracefully than women sometimes, buying fast cars, dating younger women and dressing in clothes that are acceptable for those aged thirty and younger (GQ). What you need to gift them is something that oozes with sophistication, a 60th birthday gift that will tell them to be proud of their age, for making it to this point in their life stronger than ever before. Sometimes sophistication isn’t the way to a man’s heart and what they need is a reminder that they are as fun as their younger years, before the stresses of career and family satisfaction took over. Whatever route you want to take with your gifting experience for the birthday celebrant, he will appreciate every thought you give him on his special day.

The older people get, the more difficult they are to buy for – in their late fifties, they already have a life full of things that they have collected over the years. Nevertheless, the man in your life might have a dream of owning something suave and sophisticated for the beginning of his golden years, or he might want to feel the exhilaration that he did as a twenty-year-old, when life seemed so youthful and full of that unwarranted thrill. His priorities will shift and change during these crucial years and so you want to make sure that he has something he can truly cherish for himself for his 60th birthday. 

Here are 30 birthday gift ideas for his 60th birthday:

  • A personalised hip flask for a tipple of his favourite liquor from his personal collection when he’s out and about.
  • For the grumpiest of men, give him a laugh with a novelty gift set that says it exactly how it is… if he’s grumpy upon receiving it, he’s just proving your point!
  • Even though his working life may be slowing down, his social life will be on the rise and a timepiece that is stylish and practical will help keep him on time for every occasion.
  • A portable BBQ so that the King of the Barbie can set up shop absolutely anywhere on every outing whether that be a day trip, a camping trip or a sunset stroll in the park.
  • A barrel of laughs at a local comedy show that will be sure to tickle his belly and feed his humorous appetite.
  • A bottle of twelve-year-old whisky with a personalised newspaper to the date of their birthday – the perfect way to spend a weekday evening at any time of year.
  • Remind him of his crazy youth with the chance to take a supercar for a spin and get an adrenaline rush like no other. He’ll become addicted to the thrill and will know that excitement like this knows no age.
  • An excellent choice of fragrance that will act as his new sophisticated scent for the next stage in his life. Think Chanel, Dior, Hugo Boss and Bottega Veneta.
  • For those special occasions that never end, a silk tie is the perfect accessory for a sophisticated man in his sixties. Whether he’s attending an important meeting, a family wedding or it is simply Sunday Best, he will look and feel like a new man.
  • Whether he is a cooking connoisseur or not, a new style of food will be the chance to put his skills to the test; a monthly food subscription will take his taste buds to exotic lands right from the very heart of his kitchen.
  • For a man who is newly single, or has been a bachelor for quite some time, a single guys survival kit might just do the trick.
  • Tease him about this new decade and get some laughs with an inflatable zimmer frame! Be sure that he’s not the type to get offended easily!
  • If he’s the type to have loose cash in his pocket, or his old wallet is torn and tatty, a brand-new vegan wallet that has ounces of class and sophistication will be much appreciated, especially if personalised with a monogram.
  • Gone are the days for a full suit. Instead, a stylish, luxurious, classic-cut jacket that can be worn with smart pants or jeans for a versatile garment that will last decades.
  • Opulent cufflinks to match the jacket for a sophisticated finish.
  • For the man who loves to look his best for every occasion, especially when he’s on the move, choose a compact grooming set with a message straight from the heart.
  • Music means so much to everyone and the man turning sixty is no different. Tickets to see his favourite band play live, or a trip to commemorate where his idol(s) were famous would rock his world.
  • The chance to throw axes like the inner Viking warrior he is with someone he loves dear will bring out his inner battle cry!
  • If he is still a prime candidate in his office, a warning to others that he has reached an age where “senior moments” occur might be just the gift to inform his co-workers that his mind may not be the same as it was.
  • Would he love to know more about his heritage, his family name and what it means? A print of his Coat of Arms & Surname History to hang proudly at home is ideal.
  • A stunning piece of jewellery that echoes his masculinity and tenderness.
  • Take him back to his youth with a record player and records of his favourite bands from way back when, perms and all.
  • For the man who is a zombie before his morning coffee, a personal cafetière that literally has his name on it.
  • Celebrate in style with a luxury cruise where he can completely relax and have everything at his beck and call… the only difference being the beautiful backdrop of the endless ocean.
  • Book a hands-on cooking class with a professional chef to bring new flavours into his cuisine and new ways into the kitchen.
  • No matter how old he is, a classic box of his favourite chocolates to satiate his sweet tooth will be greatly received, especially when he has a craving in the middle of the night!
  • Crown him as king for the day because he is certainly royalty in your household.
  • Indulge in his love for cheese and gift the delicious blocks of dairy with a twist! He has to make it from scratch himself.
  • Everyone wonders what is in the lands beyond, whether that is on the ground or at sea. Indulge his curiosity, and the inner-pirate, with a telescope that has an exquisite antique finish.
  • When he has moments of reflection and wants to remember his incredible years, a memory book is both personal and beautiful.

Dads are the superheroes of the everyday. When you’re growing up, you want Dad to whisk you around the air like Superman, you want to be his best mate because he’s the coolest person you know. Dads are cool at any age (apart from the elusive teenage years where parents are strictly not cool) and you want to let him know just how loved he is with an unforgettable 60th birthday gift.

5 birthday gifts for dad’s special day:

  • A terrific day out with dad and son, or daughter, driving a 15-tonne machine along a dirt track that will blow dust in your face and create a thrill like no other, especially when the paintballs start shooting!
  • A tree of his favourite sweets. He’ll not want to share any of this sweet treat, especially if it’s got his name on it!
  • Have a joke about his wrinkles (as long as he’ll get the joke straightaway) with some wrinkle treatment with a twist!
  • Officially make him a Laird (a Scottish lord) with a piece of land that he will own for the rest of his days. He can even make you the Laird or Lady in his succession!
  • Take over all of his duties for the day and give him his favourite things: the remote and a can of beer.

No matter how long or short since you made your nuptials, you can make your husband’s birthday extra special with something he’ll remember forever. Give the gift of an experience for his special birthday. It will bring you closer together, allow you to explore something new and saves space that you don’t have in your home! Plus, it means that you both have something to look forward to once the birthday is over. It’s as much a gift for you as it is for your hubby!

5 ideas for just the two of you:

  • Satiate your inner Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze with a pottery class for two. You can make it as sensual as you want but remember there will be others in the room! It’s as hilarious as it is creative. Wait until he attempts to control his pot for the first time!
  • Relax in luxury at Champneys Springs Spa. This is as much for him as it is for you! The two of you work hard all year round, working to pay bills, to save money for a rainy day, looking after those around you because you adore them. Now is the time to celebrate with a break that includes real rejuvenation and a view that is as breath-taking as the spa.
  • A weekend away from it all. You don’t have to go far, nor do you have to actually leave your house. Away from it all could mean no phones, no visitors, just quality time for the two of you with zero distractions, so put down that phone and pay attention to some interesting conversation… or don’t have any conversation and head straight to the bedroom to get busy and scratch off the positions you accomplish in one weekend!
  • Take a trip to the city with a difference. Go to see where musical prodigies were created such as The Beatles in Liverpool. This is the gift that music lovers will appreciate and adore as they walk in the footsteps on the holy ground that their favourite band walked along decades ago.
  • Explore his childhood home. At sixty, people start to get nostalgic for the good-old-days. He might not have moved very far, but a trip down memory lane would be a lovely thought, especially for the man who is a home-bird through and through.

You’ve been as thick as thieves your entire life. Or, maybe you haven’t, and this is the first step to making that connection stronger than ever. Either way, your brother is an important man and deserves a celebration as he hits the golden era of his life. 60th birthday gifts come in all shapes and sizes and whatever your relationship, there will be the perfect present for your brother here!

5 gifts that shows the sibling love:

  • Want him to have a wild ride no matter his age? Bumping along a dirt track on a quad bike in full gear would have him cheering inside and out. It will certainly get his blood pumping and will ticket off that adrenaline-fuelled activity that has been on his bucket list for so long.
  • A football fanatic wants one thing for his 60th – to go and see his home stadium in all its glory! Whether he’s a red, a blue, or any other colour, he will be in awe of this magnificent gift and might even take you along to bask in its prestige!
  • Show him how you really feel when he p****s you off with a mug that says it all.
  • Maybe he needs a new way to drink his evening beer… out of a stainless steel tankard that has his name written on it to make sure nobody else’s claws get on his precious ale!
  • Tell him you love him and take him to the pub for a pint on you.

Granddads are the best! They spoil you rotten, let you get away with murder and give you money for sweets. They will love whatever gift they receive and will be overjoyed to receive something from their favourite little person. Think sentimental for granddad because he can’t get enough of your cute cherub face. It’s the little things that he will appreciate no matter how big or little the cost.

5 60th birthday gifts that will make his smile wide and his eyes sparkle:

  • Grandparents have a love for photos on fridges. Make their lives easier with a personalised fridge magnet that will hold even more photos and special artwork in their kitchen. The photo is completely unique to you so whichever photo makes for the best gift!
  • We all know granddad likes a little tipple of his favourite drink every now and again. Make the experience that little bit more special with a glass that will make him think of you every time.
  • Tell him the five things that make Granddad, Granddad, with a definition print that he can hang in his living room with pride.
  • Make the promise of doing something fun every time you see him but have more fun with it! With a dice that has six personalised pastimes of your choice, you can leave the activity up to the hands of fate, making the decision an exciting part of spending time together.
  • Every granddad loves chocolate so treat his sweet tooth with a chocolate bar that will show him how much you love him!

Despite all of the gruesome taunts that ageing is life ending as we know it, “there is a delicious surprise that this message is all too often fake news” (Ageing: The Bigger Picture via The Guardian). Men have the chance to slow down from their working career, take a step back and actively begin to enjoy the little things in life more often. And if he doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon - 15% of men over the age of 65 remain firmly in employment (The Telegraph) – make his sixtieth the time to relax and reflect on the incredible life he has created for himself and his family. It is a time to embrace this next chapter of life. Besides, if your man is truly worried about turning 60, just remember that Sean Connery was voted the sexiest man on earth at age 59 and the sexiest man of the century aged 69! Sixties are an extremely good decade for men and should be celebrated as such with a gift that reflects every year he has lived on this earth. Whether it has him cackling or tearful, makes him feel suave or silly, we have it all at Find Me a Gift…

                                                                                                                                        … because giving feels good!