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Young At Heart Dads

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If you're lucky enough to have a young, trendy dad, or your energetic pa is simply young at heart and thinks he's still 25, then why not celebrate Father's Day with a gift as fun and funky as he is? We've got plenty on offer to suit any Daddy-Cool!

For many dads across the UK, one of their key fatherhood duties is to embarrass their kids with a smattering of Dad jokes, lots of cringeworthy dancing and plenty of baby pictures dotted about the house. But what about those dads that are actually considered cool? That rare breed of father that's young at heart and really just a big kid on the inside? That awesome Dad that can share a laugh with your mates before really giving you a run for your money in a kick-about? If we've just described your pa to a tee, don't bother getting him the usual this Father's Day, instead treat him to something as funny and youthful as he is. Dads that have the ability to be good friends with their son or daughter are extra special, so show how much you appreciate him with the perfect Father's Day present.

Of course, for fathers that are actually only in their twenties or early thirties, their children are likely to still be very young (although not necessarily)! If this is the case, you'll need to buy your husband something on your baby or toddler's behalf, and we strongly recommend this Personalised Keyring Locket. It's a great sentimental keepsake they'll be able to keep with them wherever they go.

However, if you're now an adult and your dad's more like your best friend, that's where you can start to have a little more fun with your gift buying. Giant Beer Pong could be a great laugh this Father's Day, and will give you both the chance to compete in a little father-son rivalry!

While practical presents can be nice, if your old man's a bit of a prankster, why not take this Father's Day as a chance to get your own back? Our funny Novelty Golf Balls will have all his mates in hysterics when one explodes as he takes his first swing!