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60th Birthday Gifts

Sixty doesn’t mean the end of the road! In fact, it is pretty much the new forty, if you ignore what AA Gill says in The Times. At 60, “who wants to be 40 anyway? An insipid, insecure age.” He does have a point. Plus, with research showing that “old age should be defined as having fifteen or fewer years left to live” (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis), it is practically just another excuse to have an absolute ball and celebrate a massive milestone that brings a lot of fun and a lot less stress… more than you think!




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This is the time of life where priorities change and develop. In your thirties, money and climbing the career ladder are huge motivators. At 60, it is the social aspect of life as well as being surrounded by loving relationships. 32% of people aged 60 and above feel motivated about being social, the highest percentage in comparison to 27% of 18-24 year olds, 20% of those between 25 and 39 and 19% of 40-59 year olds (YouGov). This is the time of life to develop new relationships, make more friends and get out and about. Too many of those aged sixty and over become lonely from lack of communication. As long as they have their supportive partner and family around them, as well as friends old and new, the loneliness will be kept at bay! 43% of over 60s see their partner as their primary motivator with 46% of people viewing their entire family as an incentive to create a life that is full of positivity, love and incredible memories.

Finding a gift that encompasses everything that you hope to give the new sexagenarian (nothing to do with S.E.X. if the celebrant is your parent FYI!) is a difficult process. You want to give them the world because they have given you so much. Not only that but finding the precious time can be exhausting. Don’t worry! Your knights in shining armour (us) have you covered. Here, we have everything you need to make your gift giving experience special. We are the experts, so relax with that coffee, wine, or beer (depending on the time of day) and let us do the hard work for you. We have an abundance of information about finding that perfect 60th birthday gift! Whether you are after a sentimental item they can cherish forever or an experience of a lifetime, you will discover it all here, at Find Me a Gift.

Gift giving is an exciting process, especially when you know it is something the recipient will absolutely adore. Sometimes giving a gift outranks the receiving of a gift, it’s that amazing! If you’re not on our level of exhilaration just yet, or have no idea where to start, our comprehensive guide to gift giving will have you finding the perfect 60th birthday gift in no time! They will be unique, memorable and out of this world! The birthday celebrant won’t know what’s hit them!

  • Make a list of the person’s interests and preferences. Let’s start with the basics. If you don’t know what they like, how will you know what to buy them? Start dropping subtle hints, secretly asking what their dream is right now, what they would love to own, and even how they are feeling about entering this crucial chapter of their lives. Perhaps you can gauge the perfect 60th birthday gift from all the things they are not The main point to identify is that you must buy them something they want, not the gift you would love to be given. It isn’t your special day and as much as you love the recipient and have lots in common with them, you may have different views of what would make their ideal birthday present.
  • Consider how close you are to that person. If they are your first love, your devoted parent, or somebody that you cannot imagine life without, you have a mission. It is to think about your relationship with the recipient, think about what they mean to you and gift them with something that reflects your gratitude, your love and your appreciation for them. If you aren’t as close to the person celebrating their 60th, don’t fret. You can still buy them something to celebrate their birthday, but not a gift that is OTT. Read on to Finding a Gift For Someone You Do Not Know Well for a better understanding of your gifting process.
  • Identify the items the person may need. As the recipient heads into the golden era of their life, it becomes apparent that their “experiences are now rationed [which] adds to the pleasure, a sentiment to everything, an extra gypsy violin to life” (AA Gill, The Times). What they may have needed thirty years ago is completely different to what they need now. In fact, according to a thread on Reddit, people agree that “stuff is just stuff [and to] hoard time instead” (Thought Catalogue). What the recipient may need might not be an item at all, rather the gift of time.
  • Ask them to set up a wish list. They are 60 once in their life and this massive milestone means they can appreciate every thought that is thrown in their direction, no matter how big or small. Nevertheless, with a little help from their own ideas, you can relax in the knowledge that the gift will be greatly appreciated!
  • Consider giving the person a sentimental item. At a milestone birthday – and for someone special – you might want to make the moment of their special day even more noteworthy. Being sentimental allows your relationship to blossom further, which can be applied to the gifting process too. The easiest way to be sentimental for their 60th birthday is through personalisation – it has been on the rise since 2015, the year that UK shoppers spent a whopping ONE BILLION POUNDS on personalised gifts (Dr Michael Wagstaff, YouGov). If that isn’t an incentive to its popularity, we don’t know what is! Luckily, Find Me a Gift is your one-stop-personalisation-shop with gifts that can be engraved, gifts for men, gifts for her, posters, frames, mugs and more!
  • Arrange an experience as a gift. As we head into a post-material world, the giving of experiences has sky-rocketed. 27% of people prefer gifting experiences, whilst 24% plan to host or attend holiday parties instead of the traditional gift exchange (Market Watch). There is a reason for this: “experimental gifts are more socially connecting [because they are] more emotionally evocative,” says Cindy Chan of the University of Toronto (Journal of Consumer Research). What’s more, people love to experience things together to strengthen their relationship, and we have just the experiences for you!
  • Give money if they are saving for a holiday, a holiday home or bucket list item! Now that the kids are moving out – or planning on it very soon – and living their own life (finally!), it is time for the birthday celebrant to pick up where they left off pre-kids. Maybe they have a lifelong dream of volunteering with elephants in Africa or owning their own country cottage. This is the time to make that happen and with help from you, their dreams might just come true.
  • Donate your time as part of the gift. Think about the life that a sixty-year-old leads. They are probably still working with their free time spent with friends and family, perhaps looking after various family members and still making sure their kids are A-OK despite the fact they are fully grown. On top of that, they have to maintain their home and pay bills. Their life is hectic, so let them have a few hours to themselves whilst you run around doing their never-ending errands. Maybe they want to put their feet up and watch the telly, or perhaps they really need an afternoon stroll… or maybe they don’t want to do anything at all! Taking something as small as an errand off their hands can make the biggest difference and it shows that you are thinking of their best interests as well as their special day.
  • Make a homemade gift. Creating something with your bare hands shows care and affection for the gift itself as well as the love for the recipient you plan to give it to. Even if you aren’t a creative person, it shows that you have spent your time producing something for a loved one, which can only be received with love and gratitude. Whether it is a photo box of your favourite memories of them, or writing them a poem about how you feel about them, you can never go wrong with making someone feel truly special with a homemade gift.

  • Find out their favourite alcoholic drink or chocolate. After 60 years, they will have been around enough pubs and bars in their life to know exactly which tipple makes them topple. It might be a classy glass of wine, a poignant bottle of gin or a delectable bottle of whisky. If they’re not a drinker, perhaps you can appeal to their sweet tooth. Chocolate might seem like a cop-out to some, but everybody loves to receive a selection of their favourite chocolate! We have a selection of sweet gourmet goods that come in the shape of trees, cheese boards and pizzas!
  • Take them out to lunch to get to know them better. As we mentioned before, sometimes giving up your time for somebody makes the greatest gift. If you don’t know the recipient that well, spend time getting to know them for their 60th birthday gift! They will be thrilled that you want to become more than acquaintances… and with social interactions being at the top of their priority list, they will appreciate the time you spend with them more than you know.
  • Ask people who are closest to the person for gift advice. It is no bad thing if you cannot think of a single thing. If you don’t know the celebrant that well, you need help from someone who does. They will be bursting with knowledge and ideas for their loved one and will be excited to share it all with you.

  • Personalise the gift wrapping. Are you the kind of person that leaves wrapping until the very last minute? Have the incentive to be more organised for this special occasion with our personalised wrapping paper! It’ll make the gifting experience that much more memorable as they realise you have thought of every little detail.
  • Include a card with gift. “The UK has the most successful greeting card industry in the world. It thrives even during recessions,” says Alex Furness, Founder of DontSendMeACard (Telegraph). Keeping with tradition, cards are the sentimental opening to the process of a gift exchange. Inside you can write your message, sharing your excitement for their birthday.
  • Get creative with the giving of the gift. As it is a momentous occasion, the 60th birthday gift should be given with a little extravagance and, depending on the person, in a sophisticated, or fun way. Whether you make it a huge surprise or wrap it in a “pass-the-parcel” style, give it alone or in front of the rest of the clan, make it a time to be remembered.

Bet you didn’t think that would be a lengthy process. There is a lot of thought to be put into the giving of gifts and a lot of research that has been poured into the process too. Don’t worry, now you’re all savvied up and know exactly which thought process to have when gifting the celebrant the best 60th birthday gift they’ll ever receive! And, if you still have no idea? Read on to find out what you could be buying the special person in your life next!


Tradition - noun; a belief, principle, or way of acting that people in a particular society or group have continued to follow for a long time, or all of these beliefs, etc. (Cambridge Dictionary)

As the celebrant enters their seventh decade on earth, they are thinking about slowing down, taking it easy and appreciating every second of this next stage of life. Perhaps they are even thinking about retirement and what it means to have so much time to themselves after a lifetime of working hard. A traditional 60th birthday gift to symbolise this unique time in their life is something the recipient would treasure.

Traditional 60th Birthday Gifts

Your very first hero is getting that little bit older each year. Just as he has made your birthdays special every year, it is time to make his extra special. It doesn’t have to be an extravagant occasion if your dad is a little more lowkey than the rest, just as it can be a momentous celebration if he is a party animal. Make sure you get him something that has been on his wish list for quite a while; or, surprise him with a gift that he will never forget. Perhaps he has always wanted to see where his favourite drink is brewed or would love to take a ride in the car of his dreams. Maybe they just really need a new addition to his tool kit or something to trim his unruly beard.

Mums are our very best friends. They are the woman we turn to in need and who have an abundance of advice that comes deep from their very bones. It is time to treat the most hard-working woman you know and that can be in the form of pampering, a complete break from her real life or indulging in the best kind of food, complete with a glass of bubbly.

Sisters fight like cat and dog whatever their age, but they are inseparable, united against any other force aka parents and enemies. No matter your relationship with your sister, her special milestone birthday is a transition that will begin a new chapter of life. Celebrate with these special 60th birthday gifts for sisters. Perhaps she’s a fiend for coffee and needs a unique cafetière of her own or would love to know five things you love about them in a frame for the wall or maybe she would love a bit of relaxation time with a loved one.  

Ever since the early years, “a sibling is a natural ally… often on the same wavelength” (Dr Hughes, University of Cambridge). Celebrate that bond with a gift that could only be received by his brother or sister, after all you’ve known him for the longest (apart from your parents!). Show him just how much you know him with a defining print to hang somewhere in his home, or maybe you want some sibling time together. Do something spectacular that will have his heart pumping with adrenaline such as a ride in the ultimate car of his dreams, or enjoy a quieter, more fulfilling pace by attending a craft beer tour in a city close to home. Or, perhaps he is in need of something a little more luxurious and practical like a new wallet that can be monogrammed just for him? Your brother is sure to love whatever you give him, knowing that you’re right beside him as he enters his golden age. 



Those between 65 and 79 are at the happiest age group for adults (Office for National Statistics) with 61% agreeing that they enjoy life more now than when they were younger, and that life is more exciting (SunLife). With these figures in mind, perhaps it is time to tick off those bucket list desires, to finally do something that they have always dreamed of and have their happiness scale grow through the roof.  

“Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional” – Chili Davies.

There are some experiences that you may not be able to help with i.e. retiring, making a new lifelong friend, or achieving something they never thought possible. However, you can make a phenomenal contribution to their life by simply being around them, making them laugh and ensuring their 60th birthday begins with a BANG! Remind them that they are not old and senile (yet) and show them that they have so much more to give to life with a phenomenal birthday experience. Maybe they will be drifting around a track in a Nissan 200 SX, scaling new heights in a helicopter or facing their fear with a skydive! Just because they are 60, doesn’t mean they have to start slowing down now!

Here are 100 things for people to do during their sixties. Afterall, this is their golden era – the time they should be making for themselves to experience something new and to make sure they have the happiest years of their lives!

  • Travel to new places, but fully immerse yourself into the culture, experience and truly appreciate their way of life, even if it is completely different to your own.
  • Expand your comfort zone. Everybody gets stuck in their ways, especially after sixty years of doing so. Change it up and see where life takes you.
  • Make more friends of all ages. Building new relationships is imperative during your seventh decade and beyond. It will stop the loneliness creeping in, and you may find yourself feeling younger than your years with friends from more youthful generations.
  • Don’t forget about your fellow comrades. Your oldest friends are the ones that have stuck with you throughout life – every single moment of the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Go to a nightclub that your children wouldn’t be seen dead with you in and party it up the way you used to back when you had zero responsibilities apart from getting to work on time.
  • Fill that pension fund. Afterall, the 3% (as of 6th April 2019 – Pension Regulator) from your employer is only going to give you so much freedom once the working years are over.
  • Spend quality time with your partner. Life can get hectic, especially at 60. Plan a romantic getaway for two and remember all the qualities you love about one another.
  • Fulfil your life-long dream. Whether you dreamed of hitchhiking across the world, adopting a wild animal, or marrying the love of your life. If you haven’t done it already, do it now and take comfort that you finally achieved something you have been wishing for.
  • Be James Bond for the day, in the style of Roger Moore of course. Learn how to shoot a cross bow, a sniper and a pistol alongside driving blindfolded and training in unarmed combat. It will make you feel like you missed your calling but know that there is an inner spy within you. 
  • Read 1000 books… including the ones from your previous six decades! There is no greater pleasure than getting lost in another world. “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads live only one” as said by author, George R.R. Martin. Would you rather live one life? Or one thousand?! Help narrow down your choice by ticking off the classics with our bookish Scratch Off Bucket List Poster.
  • Improve your confidence. Sometimes the older we get, the less confident we feel. Only 15% of women have high self-confidence over the age of 45. British actress Kristin Scott Thomas (Four Weddings and a Funeral) fears she will “disappear” into middle age (Mail Online). To grow more confident, you can take part in activities as well as public speaking groups and mixing with different people.
  • Pursue a new passion. Widening your horizons with a hobby that you fall completely in love with will help pass the time, grow your confidence and help you gain a knowledge that you never knew existed until now.
  • Learn to cook new foods and bring the taste of exotic places right to your kitchen. Expand your knowledge, your horizon and let the delicious foods inspire you to take a different view of life, explore a new country and embrace a different civilization.
  • Create a family tree for the future generations to look back on. Researching your family history will open so many doors as well as make you realise where exactly you got that love for fried spiders from.
  • Invest in something crazy – a new idea on the market, your friend’s latest craze or a larger, corporate business that speaks to you on a higher level.
  • Pay off your mortgage. That extra money can be saved for crossing other things off your bucket list. Plus, it’s nice to know that you actually own something of mass value.
  • Get your bits out and head to a nudist beach. Show those young, smooth, beautiful human beings that you still have it, wrinkles, sagging and all.
  • Experience the exact moment the world shifts from night to day, and do it whilst you are floating in the air. You will almost be able to touch the golden glow of the sunrise from a hot air balloon, something you aren’t likely to forget. [link]
  • Bring up your children to be better humans than you are. Teach them right from wrong but let them make their own mistakes. Afterall, you remember exactly how it feels to make a minor error in judgement… that’s what your twenties, thirties, forties and fifties are for!
  • Find more joy in the smaller things. “[Have a] carefree enjoyment of life, an abandoning… and forget the cares of life” (Ageing: The Bigger Picture via The Guardian).
  • Visit all seven continents in the world and know that you have expanded your travel horizons no matter how much of a home-bird you are.
  • See the seven Wonders of the World and revel in the knowledge that they are far older (and still standing) than you will ever be; if they can survive world wars, you can survive your sixties.
  • Up your fitness regime. Recent research shows that losing muscle density and gaining fat doesn’t have to be the case as much as it used to. Dr. Vonda Wright, orthopaedic surgeon and founder of the Performance and Research Initiative for Masters Athletes at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center states: “The sexagenarian runners [have] leg muscles teemed with almost as many motor units [of muscle mass] as a separate group of active 25-year-olds” (New York Times). As long as you keep active, your vitality for life will last far longer than you could hope for.
  • Have a whirlwind trip to another country for a spot of lunch. There is nothing more spontaneous than deciding you are going to leave your home country and be back in the comfort of your own bed before lights out. We hear there is a gorgeous lunch in the city of love awaiting you.
  • Complete a marathon (or a shorter, far easier 5K run). Training for something as mentally exhausting as it is physically will push you to your absolute limit and beyond! It doesn’t matter how you achieve that medal, whether you walk it, run it or crawl it. Just do it and be a real-life superhero for your friends and family.
  • Volunteer for something you are passionate about, whether that is to work with animals, cuddle new-born babies, plant trees or pick up litter.
  • Climb to the top of your career ladder and reap the benefits of improved salary, longer holidays and bonuses, plus a work ethic that you are proud of.
  • Become a connoisseur in something you love, whether that is delicious wine or mouth-watering cheese.
  • Take a gap year and live out of a backpack; sleep in hostels, a campervan or camp in a tent and experience the great outdoors rather than the luxury of a roof over your head and hot showers.
  • On the other hand, splash the cash with an all-expenses paid luxury holiday that you can only dream of!
  • Jump from the top of a waterfall into the cold pool below and feel the freedom that you felt when you were in your twenties.
  • Make your own cookbook, full of secret family recipes from the past, the present and for future generations who will turn to your culinary expertise rather than that of the average celebrity chef’s.
  • Buy your dream property abroad. A little chalet in France, perhaps? Or an apartment in Spain? Perhaps a bungalow in Greece takes your fancy? Or maybe, you want something further afield?! Make memories there and prepare it for the future generations to come.
  • Understand your own country’s politics, its political history, as well as famous political traits throughout the world to better those dinner conversations that inevitably turn to the two banned topics: politics and religion.
  • Ditto the above with religion.
  • Learn a language. Practice it every day and become fluent.
  • Write your life story. All those anecdotes from your childhood and early teenage years, to the years of rebelling against your parents, living a wild life, and searching for the road you were meant to take… all the way to now. Perhaps you can give it to your children, or your grandchildren as a memento about where their lineage came from.
  • Make conversation with a stranger, regardless of what they look like. People, even now, tend to judge a book by its cover. They may have a few things about life to teach you, just as you have many stories to share with them.
  • And fail again and again.
  • Learn from your mistakes, and more importantly own up to them. “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them” (Bruce Lee).
  • Act like a superstar for the day. Stay at a swanky hotel, eat Michelin star food, wander the expensive shops and have a personalised Star of Fame made just like the rest of those Hollywood goers.
  • Spend an afternoon at a luxury vineyard that has won multiple awards for their English-grown grapes and beautiful wine. Taste various wines and be treated to a delicious lunch. The food and drink will make your mouth water on this sophisticated day out.
  • Fall in love with having a pet, whether that is man’s best friend, the feline kind, or even the Flopsy, Mopsy and Button type. Show how much you love your pooch with a photoshoot of them – keep the memories forever.
  • Learn to love spending time by yourself. There is only one you, so you need to get to know what you love doing. Put yourself first for once. It is hard when you have a partner, have family, are committed to your work, but being independent in some aspects of life will make it a happier and healthier one.
  • Fall in love with yourself before you fall in love with somebody else.
  • Adopt an animal. You might not be able to have them in your home. We’re almost certain that a wild elephant or cheetah wouldn’t be welcome in any form of Western neighbourhood. No matter! There are plenty of ways to adopt an animal In fact, we have four gorgeous creatures right here, here, here and here.
  • Learn the art of storytelling. You are entering a time when people love to hear stories about the times that occurred pre-them, about the life you had before children, when you were in your younger decades and how it shaped you as a person.
  • Stand up for what you believe in. Organise a march, go on strike, make a stance again authority. The adrenaline will be high and your voice will be heard amongst the thousands – an event that can only bring out the best in yourself and along with it, pride.
  • Have a family reunion. Now is as good a time as any to get the family together, old generations and new, and have a fabulous party to inspire the youngest members to continue with the legacy of your family name.
  • Have a dramatic makeover. It doesn’t have to be a beauty one, or even skincare based. It could be clothing, style or even the way you clean your house.
  • Have a go at making your own cheese! The delicious taste of cheese never gets old, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy it from the supermarket. Don’t forget to have wine with the finished product too!
  • Collate your memories in one place so that you can look back on them with ease and show the grandchildren all your favourite things as well as all your worst fears…
  • Be your ideal weight and physique at least once in your life, just so you can say that you are your own body fitspiration.
  • Learn a new, random, word from the dictionary every single day.
  • Build your own home from scratch, and make sure it has a profit when you come to sell it again further down the line.
  • Be inspired by the world around us and get involved with those green-fingered gurus. Start by heading to the Eden Project in Cornwall.
  • Meet your childhood hero and ask for their number one piece of advice. It doesn’t need to be to do with their career or what they are famous for, just a simple life motto that they live by.
  • Expand your driving knowledge to cover motorcycles, larger cars, vans and even trucks and tanks. Let there be no vehicle that you can’t drive!
  • Buy (or win!) tickets for a once in a lifetime never-going-to-happen-again cruise trip around the one spot that you have always dreamt of visiting. Perhaps you’ll find yourself on a Silversea, the QM2, or Viking Ocean Cruises. Whatever the cruise line, you will have a ball!
  • Forgive those who have done you wrong. It might seem easier to hold onto that grudge, but it is far less stressful to forgive and forget. Tina Tessina, Ph.D., psychologist and author says: “Forgiving doesn’t mean it’s okay that the other person did what [they] did; rather you’re saying… ‘I release you from this resentment.’” (Huff Post).
  • Face your fears. If you haven’t done it yet, don’t let the next decade be plagued by that nervous dark pit in your stomach. You would rather have incredible wow moments to look back on, rather than a memory full of I wish
  • Try to break a Guinness World Record, or – if you really want to set yourself a challenge - aim for the 226 that Ashrita Furman – current Guinness World Record holder for most records – currently holds.
  • Go camping with the entire family sans mobile phones. Have marshmallows over the campfire, sing songs, go for long walks and take time out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  • Attend every one of your child’s and grandchild’s school activity. Be the proud parent/grandparent who sits front row with a camera in hand.
  • Attempt Veganuary at least once. Go completely meat-free and see if you love it or hate it!
  • Prepare for a post-apocalyptic battle that might still happen with a Zombie Apocalypse Training Day and take your favourite person whether that is your child, partner, parent or friend that you want to survive the apocalypse with.
  • Head to your favourite football stadium and bask in the glory of your heroes, past and present. Whether you are a mighty Red, a long-standing Blue or a proud Gooner, there are memories to be made among the walls of legendary stadiums.
  • Stop thinking about what others think of you. You have gotten through far worse than an off-hand insult. Live your life loud and proud, or slow and quiet, however way you want to.
  • Show them you still have it by completing the 100 Kama Sutra positions that are on this saucy Scratch-Off Bucket List… it’ll be sure to keep things in the bedroom… or other places… that little bit spicy!
  • Search for buried treasure just as Jim Hawkins did in children’s novel Treasure Island. You might not head off to sea in search for a deserted island, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to discover what treasure may be left floating in the sea… get a head start with a scuba diving experience in the UK!
  • Learning how to play golf is a rite of passage for some of the older generations… Start now with a golf lesson or bring the traditional game into the 21st century with the state-of-the-art technology to perfect your game.
  • Immerse yourself into a different subculture, be that geek, rocker, goth, or chav. It might be pushing you completely out of your comfort zone, but you might find that you can embrace somebody else’s ways and intertwine them with some of yours.
  • Travel solo. There is nothing more exhilarating or frightening that exploring a country completely on your own. Be your own companion. Rely on yourself. Make your own memories.
  • Learn a professional ballroom dance that will make you feel a million dollars and help keep you fit too… whilst having fun!
  • Pull an all-nighter. After dancing the night away, watch the sun rise at the start of a brand-new day. Head for a delicious breakfast and go home to sleep it all off. Just like being a late teen again!
  • Go swimming in the sea! It may be freezing cold and your limbs may become heavy, but it will give you a clear mind set, erase those everyday worries and make you feel like a child again (The Guardian)!
  • Go even further than that and swim with sharks! They are one of the most misjudged creatures in the animal kingdom. Yes, they are scary. Yes, they have huge, sharp teeth. But, they are clever and intriguing and to be close enough to feel the thrill of fear is a life-changing moment.
  • Get that adrenaline pumping with off-road vehicles that will make your heart race and your clothes muddy: quad biking and dirty buggies!
  • Feel the intensity of Fast and Furious characters Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor by drifting your car around corners at high speeds (in a controlled and safe area, of course). It will make your heart jump to your throat with dramatic thrill.
  • Sleep under the stars. There is nothing quite like being in the open air and drifting off to the sound of a tranquil, breathless surrounding.
  • Give something up in exchange for a better environment, whether that is meat or dairy, or using the car every day. Anything to help save the world and make it better for future generations.
  • Volunteer for something you are passionate about, whether that is making the planet greener, making sure your favourite animal doesn’t face extinction, or helping your local heroes and children live a better life.
  • Take part in a triathlon: a combination of a swim, a bicycle ride and a run! It takes precious time to train and mega hard work, but the sheer accomplishment and adrenaline you’ll feel will be incomparable.
  • If you want to see how far your body can be pushed to its limits, climb a mountain (think Kilimanjaro or Snowdon) or walk the Inca Trail.
  • Work out your brain by learning how to play a strategy game and win. Whether it is Chess, Draughts or Reversi, accomplish your maximum potential. Afterall, once the limbs are out of action, it is the mind that will conquer all.
  • Surprise someone with something remarkable. Whether it is a trip away, something at the top of their own bucket list or a surprise visit after so long without seeing each other. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion. In fact, the more random it is, the better the shock!
  • Go on a blind date at least once in your life (as long as you are single and ready to mingle!). It doesn’t matter if you have been set up by friends, met online or had a matchmaker couple you together, getting to know a stranger in the light of dating can be a fun, nerve-wracking and hilarious experience.
  • Get front row of your favourite artist’s concert and make sure you grab their attention with outrageous banners and t-shirts. Act like a teenager again without a care in the world apart from seeing the band of your dreams live.
  • Win something! Anything! As small as a scratch-card or as humongous as the Big Win on the National Lotto!
  • Create your dream home. It should be one of the comforting constants in your life: to have a home of your own. Take care of it with the mundane tasks i.e. cleaning as well as decorate it exactly how you want it, including knocking through walls, building new rooms and painting it all your favourite colours.
  • Learn sign language. People talk about learning a new language all the time, but what about the language where you don’t need your tongue to speak the words. With 11 million deaf people in the UK (, it is imperative that more people learn this form of speech.
  • Do something in public alone. Heading out to dinner or to the cinema alone is seen as something horrific by many. People worry that others will judge them – “People think you’ve been stood up or you’re crazy” or “[People] think that [you] have no friends to spend a Friday or Saturday night with.” (Metro UK). But, once you’re over that first hurdle of thinking everyone is looking at you, you’ll soon realise that people are far more interested in the film they’ve paid to see than the person enjoying their solo time alone.
  • Complete a 1000+ Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. Many believe it is for children but giving all your adult focus on a puzzle will help concentration and pass the time during those long afternoons of retirement.
  • If you are used to the comfort and reassurance of hotels and B&Bs, head somewhere unique for a night away from home. You may find yourself in an old cider house, a boat or even a lighthouse! Nestled in beautiful surroundings, you won’t want to revert to hotel stays.
  • Delve into the world of your favourite TV show with a trip to the prominent locations that make the show completely magical, rugged or spectacular. If you’re a huge GOT fan (who isn’t?!), have the chance to visit the dire wolves that made the Stark family so… stark.
  • Pass on a special family heirloom to the next generation. It will be an emotional day for you both and such a special way to commemorate the history of your family. Or, start an heirloom of your own. Perhaps the Patron Saint of Travelling for the generations to come, so they are always safe wherever they go.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many conflictions when it comes to asking for help such as feeling indebted, feeling uncomfortable and living in a time where self-sufficiency is how we manage our problems (New York Times). At this stage in life, you may need more help than you think. In your loved one’s eyes, nothing is too big or too small. Use a bell to make it more amusing.
  • Educate yourself on the world around us. The world is a vast place, full of culture, people, history and tradition. Ask yourself the bigger questions. Where did we come from? What else is really out there? What lies beyond the edge of water in the distance? See if you can spot the mysteries with an antique telescope and feel like someone historical yourself.
  • Grab your partner and go on 100 dates in a year. If you are single and ready to mingle, explore a new setting on a new rendezvous! Don’t want to bother with any lovey dovey nonsense? Grab a friend and have a ball together instead!
  • Make these years the best of your life. You have enough experience to know what you love and what you don’t, but you can still have the mentality of a twenty-odd year old as well as the emotions of your teenage self, just like Deborah Moggach, author of Heartbreak Hotel, known in the cinematic world as The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Telegraph).


Sixty is an age that begins a new stage of life. It used to be classed as very old during the 1920s, specifically ages 65 for men and 67 for women (CBS News). Old age has increased dramatically since then, with ages 76 and 80 classed as very old in the twenty-first century. With an entire generation ahead of the celebrant, they can look forward to this new chapter where the benefits of increased social life, happiness and, of course, certain freebies are just the cherries on top of a well-iced cake, without the fear that the inevitable is looming. They are less likely to care about what other’s think (a whopping 75% in fact) and 59% live for today instead of tomorrow (SunLife via The Guardian). Celebrate this momentous occasion with something that they will cherish for the rest of their life. It doesn’t matter how much, or how little you know them, it is the thought of them that counts, and they will appreciate whatever you do for them.

For this gifting journey, Find Me a Gift is with you every step of the way. The entire team is dedicated to making gifting an incredible experience. From the team behind the scenes, to those on the front line, we are here to make life easier for you. Simply search for what you’re after, take a look at some inspiration and you’ll have a happy 60-year-old giftee in no time…

                                                                                                                                … because giving feels good!