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Gifts For Her

Finding the perfect gift for her is not easy. Is there ever such a thing as a perfect gift? Whatever your views on the gifting matter, Find Me a Gift are here to help you find what you’re looking for, whether it’s for her birthday, your anniversary or to celebrate something she has achieved. Not sure where to start? We have filters for occasion, types of gift and recipient, meaning you can narrow down your search instead of trolling through thousands of gifts. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Need more encouraging words and a spot of gifting inspiration? Read on for exactly that. We might not have all the answers, but we can certainly help steer your experience and give you some gifting insight whilst you’re here.

You know who you’re buying for

It’s usually a pretty winning start to know who you’re buying for. Whether you’re buying something for your mum, grandma, sister, wife or best friend, we’ve got you covered. Simply head to the filters and we’ll provide gift suggestions for each wonderful woman in your life. From a keepsake for your bestie to a wall art for the love of your life and a choice of gift experiences for your mum to a place to write all the secret family recipes for your gran, we’ve got plenty of choice.

You know exactly what you’re looking for

Whatever the occasion and whoever the lucky lady is, you’ve been planning her gift for weeks – maybe even months – and know exactly what you’re buying her! Head straight to the search bar at the top of the page and type in what you’re looking for. If we have it, it’ll pop up straightaway or guide you to something similar. We don’t have high-end designer items, nor do we deal in fashion, flowers or lingerie. What we do have is a selective range of personalised, quirky and novelty gifts alongside a host of gift experiences to make her day wonderful.

You know the occasion, but not the gift

Perhaps she’s graduating from university, completing a course or passing an exam that might change her life for good, celebrate her success with a congratulatory meal or glass. Perhaps you want to thank her for being there for you when times have been especially tough. We may not have the usual flowers, but a unique Name a Star gift or Dictionary Definition print are cherished gifts to make her smile. Perhaps it is your anniversary and you want to treat your better half to something magical. We might not be able to make miracles happen, but we have sentimental gifts such as personalised jewellery to show just how much you love her and chocolate to satisfy her sweet tooth with sweet messages of your own. What about a milestone birthday? From her 16th to her 90th, we have plenty of gifts; just head to the filters and find the exact occasion you’re searching for!

You know what they will love but need a nudge in the right direction

Whether you know her inside-out or have only had a few conversations with her over your morning coffee in the office kitchen, you might have a pretty good inkling in the gifting direction that you want to go. Whilst that’s great, it’s not the end goal, is it? You want to leave here knowing that you’ve found something she will love. Our gifting advice to you is to think of three things: experience, sentimentality and laughter. Lucky for you, we have quite the variety in all three, some of which tie them together through memories and knowing what she loves! If she’s a food lover… an afternoon tea or a monthly spice kit are valid options. If she loves catching the sun and her mouth waters at the sight of pizza every single time, a pizza beach towel might just make her chuckle. What about a pair of personalised mugs that says it how it is – whatever the design may be.

You need something ASAP, whatever the gift

What day is it again? If you’re having that feeling right now, it happens to the best of us. You’ve just gotten a notification that the special occasion is in the next few days (maybe even hours?!) and you need something ASAP. Our super fast option is the place to be. There, you will find all the gifts that can be with you tomorrow. As for our gift experiences, an eVoucher can be with you in thirty minutes or less! Sorted with zero stress.

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