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Corporate Gifts

Are you a business executive who is looking for the perfect gift to reward your hard-working employees? What about something to gift your loyal clientele? Corporate gifts are the way to their diligent hearts, whilst strengthening your relationship with them. Here at Find Me a Gift, we have a huge range of gifts perfect for businesses like yours. Simply call our customer service team on 01926 818 800 or email about bulk order pricing. Pricing depends on quantity, availability, supplier and product, but don’t let that deter you. We aim to give every single customer the best of service and the knowledge that Find Me a Gift is dedicated to making your shopping experience quick and easy. Afterall, time is money.

With over 4000 products and millions of satisfied customers, you can be sure that your gifting experience will fulfil your corporate gifting desires. With everything from luxury pens and notebooks, to wallets and passport holders, your clients and employees will be reminded of not only the business’s loyalty, integrity and professionalism, but also how valued they are in your eyes.

What is the meaning of corporate gifts?

In basic terms, a corporate gift is giving an item of value to person(s) in the business world as an expression of appreciation or goodwill. It is not to be used as an incentive to work harder, or to twist the arm of a partner or client to work with you. Rather, it is a gentle reminder that you are there, that you appreciate their hard work and you respect them enough to want to continue with this business relationship going forward.

Why is corporate gifting important?

As a player in business, you want to be at the top of your game, right? Plus, you want to show that you truly appreciate every person you come into contact with, whether that is your employee, your business partner, your client and any other form of professional relationship that progresses from your company. It is especially important at events or business meetings that you hold. People are more likely to leave feeling happy with a little something special to take away with them. They will remember your gathering in a positive light, which will lead them to remembering your company name and using it as their first port of call for whatever services you offer. Being kind and generous is a sure-fire way to build respect for both the business and your recipients. As a bonus, this is a cost-effective way of advertising your name in the corporate world, making your presence stand out against your competitors too.

What are good corporate gifts?

Corporate gifting can be a difficult process. There is a fine line between the perfect corporate gift and overdoing it, or making it seem like you are only gifting them something to benefit your own agenda. As a business owner, you want to build respect and trust. The way to do this is to buy something that is neither cheap or overly expensive, but something that reflects the adequate amount, keeping in line with salaries and investments. Also, avoid overly humorous gifts as well as anything that adheres to their personal or cultural beliefs. This may cause an offence that you don’t want or need!

The most effective way to make sure your corporate gift is the perfect presentation of your business, is to keep it nice and easy. Avoid any business jargon; a simple gesture is more than enough to build that strong professional relationship whilst keeping your clients and employees at the forefront of your mind. Perhaps you want to gift everyone in the office with a mug, a pen, or an embossed notebook that will show they are part of a team, even an in-office family. Maybe you want to remind your clients of how much you appreciate their business with a hamper of wine or chocolates that you can personalise with a simple message. Keep your business in their mind with a great corporate gift that will have that token of surprise and put a smile on their faces.

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