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Christmas Gifts For Men

One man is difficult to buy for alone but when you collate them into one present frenzy and add the words “festive season” into the mix, things can get a little out of control. Don’t panic! We have gifts for all the men in your life, no matter how difficult they are to buy for. From your dad and your brother to your husband and even the class (or office) clown, there is an extraordinary Christmas gift to make him roar with laughter, jump up and down in excitement or actually cry a tear… we’re that good.




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We bet you’ve already asked the men in your life what they want for Christmas, only to be answered with half a shrug and an echoing silence. When men don’t know what they want themselves, or worse, tell you to decide for yourself, it is time to get the big guns out and come to your friendly, neighbourhood gift connoisseurs who can solve all your Christmas gift problems.

If he has gone beyond the modern man and crossed over into futuristic territory, you know that his life revolves around getting the best gadgets first. Unfortunately, we haven’t quite found a time machine or flying cars (just yet), but we have some Christmas gifts that will keep him happy until that day arrives. If he loves to host a party, how about these magnetic speakers to create music wherever he goes. Perhaps he has a bad habit of losing in phone and keys and needs a bit of modern tech to guide him home. For the handyman who is missing his prized possession, a multitool pen will solve all of his problems.

Is your man the type who pays someone to do a job and then does it himself anyway? A man who spends his free time fixing up every detail in your home is an exceptional man to have. He needs tools that are both practical and show him how much you care every single time he uses them. Whether a hammer is next on his DIY wish list, or a spirit level, you can be assured that the personalised quality on each are what make them stand out against any old tool in the bottomless pit on his toolbox.

Pampering isn’t just for women. Men love a little TLC every now and again too. Give him the chance to relax his body and soothe his mind with something as compact as a body tickler which improves circulation and relieves tension on those stressful days that make his brain melt. If he needs something a little tougher around the edges, but still does the job of massaging, a back scratcher will do just the trick. He won’t be asking you for back scratches after you’ve given him this. Win. Win. To really spoil him, send him off to get a luxury grooming session (for a man, not a dog) that will make him feel brand spanking new.

There is a joker in every family, office and friendship group. You can’t hide from their sarcastic grins and hysterical laughter for long. Give them the last laugh with a novelty gift that will brighten their day. It might even turn into a running joke that you can never escape from. For the guy who obscenely talks about his private loo time, a poo timer would be handy for his pride and to save your ears. If he is bald or heading that way, a buffer for his head would certainly keep it shiny and fresh. Does he go on and on and on about how much his boss is the bane of his life? An inflatable punch bag in the shape of the big boss would alleviate his anger. For extra laughs, give that to your boss for their boss who is also incidentally your boss.

If most Saturday and Sunday afternoons are filled with a void where your man used to be, he is most likely down the pub watching the latest in sport mania. You might not be able to buy him a chance to meet his favourite star players, but there are plenty of gifts that will tick the sporting box. If he goes crazy fore golf, a smart pair of cufflinks to wear at the golf club events would be a hole in one. For a day to remember, head to his favourite sporting venue to capture the magic in action. From racetracks to stadiums, there is something for every sport aficionado.

Wracking your brains for a Christmas gift takes up far too much time. You have other things to worry about too, so let us do all the hard work for you. Sit back and relax – preferably with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer – and let the panic in your chest sizzle away as you realise that buying Christmas gifts for men isn’t as traumatic as it needs to be.

It’s so wonderful to have a boyfriend to share Christmas with. If you’re at the very beginning of your relationship and are unsure which gift would break which boundary, start small with something simple like a shot glass in the shape of his favourite character. You could even buy yourself one to match! Or buy a classic wallet that he will be proud of. Any man loves a little bit of sentiment, secretly or openly depending on his character, and so a beautiful bracelet will be received with a heartfelt smile. Have you both had a rough year? A stressful time around the festive season? Gift yourselves a guarantee of crying with laughter at a comedy night for two.

Husbands are the partners in crime that do the best job in the world, until they forget something extremely important. Make sure they don’t forget to buy the meat for Christmas dinner, or he’ll be at your parents rather than the comfort of his own home. For a romantic walk down memory lane, this personalised light box makes for a memorable gift, detailing the special dates that are yours alone. Perhaps he needs a nudge in the right direction in terms of household maintenance. These novelty gloves are sure to do the trick! Make his dreams come true with a once in a lifetime gift. He’ll be praising you as Gifting Royalty for the next year.

Surprise dad with an unforgettable gift this Christmas that will make him smile whatever his age. From a classic pocket watch that he can keep forever to a wooden dice that will act as a stroke of luck as to what activity the two of you do next, there is something for every kind of dad, no matter their personality. If you want to make his historic dreams come true, there is a tank driving experience for that! Or, simply let him know that you love him with a selection of gift experiences that shows just how much you care.

Watching your child’s face light up on Christmas morning is magical no matter their age. From before they understand what Christmas is all about to when they have kids of their own. Make your son’s Christmas Day special with a gift that he will cherish. Driving a car from his favourite movie is every teenage boy’s dream. Make it come true with a junior driving experience! If his room is covered in apocalypse posters and sci-fi theories about the end of the world pop out of his mouth at the dinner table, get him a training day for when the inevitable arrives. For the son who never takes his muddy football shoes off (even when he’s in the house), a pair of football slippers will keep him in footy mode forever. And for the car enthusiasts who can’t put their foot to the floor inside a car just yet, a remote-controlled car that climbs walls should keep them in a petrolhead frenzy.

Brothers can be the worst growing up, but the best once you hit that stage of adulthood. No matter your relationship with them, there is an invisible rope of love that can never be broken, especially during the festive season. Test your sibling competitive streak with a karting race for champions. Whoever loses must bow down to the greater sibling. For the brothers who drip sarcasm, perhaps a special breath spray and a hilarious mug will be the best kind of funny gifts. And if all else fails, something alcohol-related is always appreciated during party season.