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60th Gifts For Women

“Now that I’m 60, I wouldn’t want to be a teenager again. But I wouldn’t mind looking like one” - Melanie White.

We live in a “society [that] is very shallow” where it’s considered rude for women and ageing to mix in public – best to keep their real ages hidden behind closed doors (The Guardian). At least, that is some people’s opinion. More and more women are gaining the confidence to declare their age for everyone to see, to live their life exactly how they want to, without the strains, rules and rebukes of older generations. Women want to be known as more than wives, mothers and grandmothers. They want to remind everyone that they are themselves too. The time is now, and it should be celebrated with a gift that makes the 60th birthday celebrant feel her best, want to strive to do more with her life and make her understand how loved she is for being the strongest woman you know.

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Bette Davis once said, “Old age is no place for sissies.” Women earn their stripes every year that they turn another year older, and Bette Davis is right. With the world the way it is – the saturated media industry, beauty being linked to looking younger and the ongoing fight for rights for themselves and those who will come after – women have to be strong and tough. They haven’t had an easy ride and despite the hard exterior sometimes, they need some TLC and a reminder that they can have a day off from juggling every aspect of their lives. Mark Grungor, American speaker, marriage expert and comedian, states, “Women’s brains are made up of a big ball of wire, and every thing is connected to everything. They money’s connected to the car, the car’s connected to your job and the kids are connected to your mother… It’s like the Internet superhighway.” So basically, the woman in your life needs a break. With her special birthday coming up, we have just the gifts to make her stop thinking about everything for at least one day.

A woman’s 60th birthday must have three things: style, class and a bucket-load of fun thrown into the mix. She spends her life looking after others, caring for a household, and making a living. It is a hefty mix to juggle all three: 71% of women aged 16 and 64 are working according to the Office for National Statistics in 2018 (BBC). With that in mind, it is time to tell the 60th birthday girl to let loose, relax and have an incredible birthday no matter what. Whether she is a woman of opulence, a thrill-seeker at heart, or someone who appreciates every kind of sentimentality, there is an unforgettable gift for her to cherish for the rest of her life.

Find something special from these 30 ideas for her 60th birthday gift:

  • Dip her favourite flower in real gold, just like this beautiful gold rose, so it will last forever.
  • If she is a fan of flowers, she needs a gorgeous vase to put them in. A monogrammed item oozes class and it is a practical gift for all the flowers she will undoubtedly receive for her birthday.
  • A trip to her favourite place in the entire world. It might be as close as her family holiday home in her home from home, or it might be somewhere extravagant that has been on her wish list for decades!
  • Take her to see her favourite show in the West End. A trip to the capital of England makes for the best short trip away.
  • A designer bag that will carry her level of class in her favourite style whether that is fun and flamboyant or subtle and sophisticated.
  • A piece of jewellery with three of her favourite things engraved onto each ring; the names of her children, the names of her siblings, or even the names of her precious pets!
  • A giant version of her favourite chocolate that even has her name on it!
  • A luxury trip to the spa at the best of the best! Every 60-year-old woman needs some dedicated R&R and Champneys is the place to do it.
  • A wine glass that will satiate all her needs for the delicate, luxury tastes of wine in one sitting as it is large enough to hold a full bottle of wine! No need to get up and refill!
  • A first edition of her favourite novel, whether it is a classic such as The Great Gatsby or Jane Eyre, an original Mills and Boon romance, or her most-treasured childhood story.
  • Cooking may be one of her favourite pastimes, or it could be one of the chores that she simply has to do every day. A personalised cookbook to put all of the family recipes will be a cherished gift and may even make her excited about kicking up a storm in the kitchen!
  • An extravagant way to celebrate her love for wine would be a trip to a secluded English vineyard (or one further afield in Europe, South America or Australia if you want to be super fancy!) to understand the way wine is created, its history and to taste the glorious wines that have been carefully selected for the day.
  • A bottle of champagne to celebrate the massive milestone that this birthday brings… along with some mouth-watering chocolates too!
  • Make her a Lady of the land in a beautiful part of Scotland! A novelty gift that will make her howl. Just watch as she changes her demeanour to become more lady-like!
  • Let her travel to new heights in a helicopter as it swoops across the grounds that she calls home or wanders further afield to a completely new place.
  • Donate to her favourite charity in her name or adopt an animal for her. Giving back to the world is an amazing way to show how much you care for her and the environment, especially if it is a charity close to her heart.
  • Treat her to a beautiful new fragrance that will encapsulate the woman she has grown into as well as signify the next decade of her life. Think Jo Malone, Bottega Veneta, Giorgio Armani and Lancôme.
  • As her skin ages, the birthday celebrant will want to maintain soft skin as well as make it a healthy glow. Her favourite products may be luxurious or from your local high street shops. Either way buy a bundle of them to keep her going for the first year of her sixties.
  • Women as a collective love to make themselves feel beautiful. It may not be through the art of makeup, but if it is, treat her to something fancy from a counter in a posh department store.
  • If she has a terrible sweet tooth, a personalised sweet hamper may be the best (and worst) thing she receives for her birthday!
  • Nobody is ever too old to have goals and dreams. It doesn’t matter how big they are, there is space for a gorgeous notebook to write them in… as well as their mountain of to do lists and shopping lists.
  • Sometimes all you need to show your love for a woman is to buy her a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  • Health is at the forefront of her mind as her muscle deteriorates and her metabolism slows. Even something as small as an exercise mat can make the biggest difference.
  • How about going a step further with booking a few taster classes for a form of fitness that they have been wanting to try but haven’t gotten around to doing so yet. Classes such as barre, Pilates and bounce have fast become excellent choices for all ages.
  • A little at home pamper is something that most women would love, but never make the time for. Give them an incentive with bath bombs or a face mask and an order to use it when they need to relax.
  • Name a star after her. It will still be there in the sky hundreds of thousands of years after she has gone.
  • Give her the thrill of her life as she takes the hot seat of a supercar… it might be a dream that she never knew she had!
  • Add a little luxury to her travels with personalised passport holders and luxury tags. She’ll be extra excited to whip out her passport at Check-In.
  • A trinket box with her age on to keep the special 60th birthday gifts in one sacred place.
  • Have a trip to her favourite coffee shop, pub or restaurant for an overdue catch up and breakfast.

Your mum has been the rock that holds everything together through thick and thin. It is time to pay her her dues with something memorable, something that will make her laugh and something that will make her feel loved. She’s so busy taking care of everyone else that she leaves herself to the very last. It’s time to spoil her and make her feel like the queen that she is.

5 60th birthday gifts for the best woman in your life:

  • As a spoof, depending on if your mother will kill you or not, these racing grannies, complete with Zimmer frames are guaranteed to erupt a hoot, followed closely by a scowl as you lay it out on the table that your mum is on the other side of half a century.
  • Gift her the chance to have a professional family photoshoot with the family as it is right now. You’ll definitely look different to those cute baby photos and she might not have her perm anymore, but you’ll all be just as beautiful… and they will be an update for those horrendous photos she has in her hall.
  • A piece of beautiful engraved jewellery that is completely bespoke to her is a wonderful gift and something she would truly cherish forever.
  • Send her to the country for a retreat and a real break. No work. No chores. No looking after anybody else. If you are her lucky guest, you can’t be relying on her to get things done as it is up to you to show the birthday girl an excellent, stress-free time!
  • Grant her her biggest wish, whatever it is, no matter how big and crazy and no matter how small.

Your wife is your best friend and despite the rough times, you are there for each other through thick and thin. She is heading into a new era that may have challenges ahead and although she doesn’t show her struggles, there may be times that she needs to lean on you. She is a wonder woman, and this is your chance to show her just how wonderful she is and celebrate your love for her with something truly special on her 60th birthday.

5 unforgettable gifts she will cherish forever:

  • Whisk her away for a secret escape to renew your wedding vows. Or, if she is a family woman, celebrate with all your closest friends and family with an unforgettable party and put the biggest grin on her face in the process!
  • If you live on the coast and she dreams of some inner country land, or live in the city and wishes to see the beautiful ocean from the British coastline, book a trip that is home from home and breathe in the fresh air for a relaxing, rejuvenating break for the two of you.
  • Is she always in the kitchen? Maybe she wants to update her culinary skills and what better gift than spending time together at a cookery class to pick up some new culinary hints and tips!
  • Has she always dreamt of visiting the City of Love? Who hasn’t? Whisk her away on a spontaneous day trip to Paris for lunch, sightseeing and a whole lot of love!
  • Sometimes what your wife needs is some time to herself for a little bit of TLC. Pay for her to go and get pampered for a day; get her hair done, have a little shopping spree, go for a massage. It will revitalize her, and she will be thankful for the day to herself.

You’ve made it this far without killing each other so why start now! Celebrate her birthday and all the incredible years you have known her with a 60th birthday gift that will make her love you even more… if that is possible! It doesn’t have to be huge or expensive; a sibling’s love is large enough to fill a room full of something bigger than items, but it doesn’t hurt to have your back covered in case she holds the lack of present against you for a long, long time.

5 gifts that will banish any sibling rivalry:

  • Give her the experience to plant a tree, or both plant trees on a sibling day out. You will be helping the environment you grew up in and preserving it for your future generations. It feels good to give back and is the perfect time for bonding.
  • Chocolate might seem like the easy way out, but a tree full of her favourite chocolate sweets will make her grin like the child she used to be.
  • Go back in time to a place where you spent your childhood summers. It may not be like the good old days, but it is a chance to catch up, spend quality time together and reflect on the wonderful memories you both cherish.
  • Give her a box to keep all of her gorgeous jewellery in one place from over the years. Personalise it with a message to remind her who it’s from; perhaps a saying that you have in common, or a phrase that shows how much you know about her sparkle obsession!
  • Bubbles are always in order when it comes to celebration, so give her a personalised bottle of champagne with her year as the special vintage.

Grandmas are made of sugar, spice and everything nice, aren’t they! They bake you cakes, let you stay up that little bit later, tell you old stories of how naughty your parents were growing up. Your grandma will adore whatever gift you give her, especially if it is a sentimental item that shows how much you love her.

5 lovely gifts for your special grandma:

  • A book subscription that she can dictate to her every reading need. She won’t be bored again as the realms of other worlds and other lives are in the palms of her hands.
  • For a grandma who always has a cuppa on the go, a special botanical tea box that is personalised just for her is perfect with an array of beautiful teas to add to her collection.
  • A mug with a personal touch. Let grandma see just how great you are at drawing as you give her your best picture on her new favourite mug!
  • Show her how much you love her with a photo frame that is personalised just for her. Add your favourite photo of the two of you and watch her face glow with happiness as the frame gets pride of place on the mantelpiece.
  • Give her a place to put all her sparkly jewels. Engrave it with a wonderful message to celebrate this special milestone and she will never lose an earring again!


As the extraordinary woman in your life approaches sixty, it is inevitable for her to feel a mixture of emotions. From worries about her appearance (with the media always appealing for women to Look 10 Years Younger or Lose Weight in X Days) to the relief of government freebies such as bus passes and train fare reductions to the excitement of a new decade full of time that she wants to fill with things that makes her live an absolutely fabulous life. She might not be slowing down yet, taking it as just another day similar to Yoko Ono who says: “When I turned 60, it didn’t bother me at all.” Or she might take this momentous milestone as a reminder that she is ageing just as beautifully as a classic vintage, but ageing, nonetheless. Whatever her thoughts on turning sixty, let the birthday celebrant know that she is loved and that she is worth every day that she has walked this earth with a gift that is filled with love, happiness and everything in between…

                                                                                                                                          … because giving feels good!