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As a bride you have your wedding day entourage, a mixture of the finest females you know making up a team of bridesmaids second to none. They've been with you through the good times and the bad, and in the run up to your big day they've kept your stress levels as low as could be reasonably expected. It's time now to put aside the stack of wedding goodies you've received and pick out some splendid gifts for your bridesmaids. My word, they deserve them!

When they weren't raising eyebrows at the cut of the dresses you picked out for them or doing a fine job of flirting with cousins you don't even remember inviting to your wedding these girls were your rock. Bridesmaids like no other. And that's why, when it comes to saying thank you, finding exactly the right gifts for your bridesmaids is so important. Below you'll find all manner of suitable gift ideas to suit the inner-circle of your wedding team.

One possible way to go to ensure the girls closest to you feel your appreciation is to personalise their presents. Adding this unique touch to your bridesmaid gifts is bound to bring about plenty of gushing, hugging and declarations of love - which is appropriate because that's what weddings are all about and why we can't get enough of them!