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The Shortest Celebrity Marriages

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, we can all expect a flurry on Facebook posts of engagement rings with the caption "I said yes!" to come cropping up on our timelines. And why not? It is the most romantic day of the year. But if you're feeling a little bit jaded and cynical this year, help is on hand with our list of celebrity marriages that just couldn't make it work.

Whilst it's commonly accepted that nothing dooms a marriage to failure quite like Hollywood, these unions are short even by celeb standards. Let just say if we were a guest at any of these weddings, we would've probably included a gift receipt in with our wedding presents.

Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker

Duration of Marriage: 6 hours

Here to debunk the myth that short-lived Hollywood marriages are a recent phenomenon, the award for the briefest celebrity marriage goes to silent film stars Jean Acker and Rudolph Valentino. After tying the knot in 1919 after a 2 month courtship, Acker reportedly changed her mind soon after the ceremony and locked him out of their hotel bedroom on their wedding night. To make matters worse, Valentino did not wait the requisite period after the divorce before marrying again and was charged with bigamy- ouch!

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe de Alba

Duration of Marriage: 1 Day

Continuing with the old school theme, 1950s film star Zsa Zsa Gabor is next on our list with her marriage to character actor Felipe de Alba in April 1983. The 8th marriage out of a whopping 9 for Gabor, the happy union was ill-fated from the very beginning, as it emerged her divorce was not yet finalised with her ex-husband Michael O'Hara. The marriage was immediately annulled and Gabor moved on to her next husband.

Britney Spears and Jason Alexander

Duration of Marriage: 55 hours

One of the quickest celebrity marriages in recent history, January 2004 saw Britney shock the tabloids by marrying her childhood friend Jason Alexander after a Las Vegas bender. Her management immediately stepped in to do some damage control over allegations that the pop starlet was drunk and on drugs at the time, by insisting it was purely a joke that had gone too far. In 2012, Britney countered Jason Alexander's claims that they were very much in love by stating that she was just "being silly, being rebellious", sorry Jason!

Dennis Hopper and Michelle Phillips

Duration of Marriage: 8 days

Star of Easy Rider and Apocalypse Now, Dennis Hopper was famous for his unpredictable and troubled relationships, the pinnacle of this being his mere 8 day marriage to The Mamas and The Papas singer Michelle Phillips. Both Hopper and Phillips were both very recently divorced when they tied the knot in October 1970. Allegations of violence dogged the brief union, resulting in a quick separation a just over a week later.

Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

Duration of Marriage: 10 Days

Another couple on our list who got married in Vegas on a whim, Carmen and Dennis flew out to Vegas following a whirlwind romance on Halloween 1998. Sadly, their relationship, which was reportedly based on a love of drinking and partying, couldn't last and the couple parted ways after a measly 9 days of marriage. Although they later reconciled for New Year's Eve, they just couldn't make their relationship work and separated for good in April 1999. Electra later quipped that their Vegas wedding was akin to "getting a cheeseburger at a fast-food restaurant".

Cher and Gregg Allman

Duration of Marriage: 10 days

If we turn back time (pardon the pun) all the way back to 1975, this vintage year saw the union of pop diva Cher with rocker Gregg Allman. Just 3 days after her divorce became final with her ex-husband and musical partner Sonny Bono, Cher tied the knot in Las Vegas in a spur of the moment ceremony. Of course, this rebound relationship was never going to work and she filed to dissolve the marriage a mere 9 days later, although it took her 4 years before they finally divorced officially.

Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds

Duration of Marriage: 2 weeks

Whilst these two were never legally married, we just couldn't resist adding this scandalous union to our list! Following a brief relationship, the two exchanged their marital vows on the 1st January 2008 during a private ceremony in Bora Bora. However, just two weeks later the pair decided to forego having a legal ceremony, referring to their island wedding as a "symbolic union". They officially split soon after.

Mario Lopez and Ali Landry

Duration of Marriage: 18 days

After a long 6 year relationship, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the marriage of the former Saved by the Bell heartthrob and Miss USA would be fairly durable. However, despite an intimate wedding ceremony in an exclusive Mexican resort, the seemingly loved-up couple obtained an annulment just over 2 weeks after the big day. The reason? Apparently Lopez had been unfaithful to Landry throughout their entire relationship- not sure the bell could save you there Mario!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Duration of Marriage: 72 days

Before becoming one half of Kimye, she was first part of an ill-fated marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries. Despite fitting in perfectly with the Kardashian clan with his matching 'K' name, the pair began having marital difficulties almost immediately after their star-studded wedding, which itself was aired on E! as part of Kim's series Keeping Up With the Kardashians. There were allegations that the whole marriage was a set up in order to create press for the show, and Humphries himself even tried to bag an annulment on the grounds of fraud. Oh dear, poor old Kim K.

Nicolas Cage and Lisa-Marie Presley

Duration of Marriage: 107 days

One of the most surprising couplings of the early 2000s, the pair married following a two year on-off relationship after meeting at a birthday party. For Cage, a die-hard Elvis fan, marrying the King of Rock 'n' Roll's daughter must've been a dream come true, and they wed in a lavish ceremony in Hawaii. However, no sooner after it began the pair filed for divorce, in a legal battle that lasted longer than the marriage itself. Presley later described the whole thing as a "big mistake", adding "we should not have been married in the first place".

Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd

Duration of Marriage: 118 days

Way back in the early 2000s, old Jenny from the block met backing dancer Cris Judd during the filming of the video for her 2001 hit single "Love Don't Cost a Thing". Still reeling from her break up with Puff Daddy, this relationship had all the signs of a classic rebound fling. The marriage fell apart after 4 months, but that didn't stop Judd from bagging a reported $15 million in the divorce settlement. I wonder if J-Lo still believes that love don't cost a thing?

Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson

Duration of Marriage: 122 days

In true rock 'n' roll fashion, this notorious couple's marriage was never going to last. After having a tumultuous on-off relationship for five years, the two got married in a surprise wedding in July 2006, where Anderson wore a white bikini down the aisle. Following a disagreement that was reportedly about the actress's cameo in the film Borat, they both raced each other to file divorce papers. He beat her to it by 53 minutes (better luck next time Pammy).

Colin Farrell and Amelia Warner

Duration of Marriage: 4 months

When reports surfaced that the then 25 year old lothario Farrell had married 19 year old actress Amelia Warner back in 2001, the tabloids were sceptical. And with good reason. By December 2001 Warner confirmed that the two had split, and that their marriage was never legally binding. "We had a ceremony on a beach in Tahiti that was by no means legal and we knew it wasn't... it was just a thing we did on holiday". At least they didn't have to shell out for expensive divorce lawyers then!

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito

Duration of Marriage: 4 months

Before he became a household name with the commercial success of The Hangover, Cooper married fellow actress Jennifer Esposito in a festive ceremony in December 2006 following a 2 month engagement. The two ex's have always remained very vague about the details of their break up, insisting that the divorce was mutual. According to Cooper's publicist, the pair had actually "been separated for quite a while" before the 4 month mark. So who knows how long their honeymoon period was before the excitement of marital life wore off!

Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney

Duration of Marriage: 128 days

Another seemingly unlikely duo, Hollywood actress Renée and country music star Kenny Chesney made headlines back in May 2005 when they were married in the Caribbean following a whirlwind romance. The two had only met 4 months earlier at a tsunami relief event. However, the marriage didn't last much longer than the courtship and the pair annulled their marriage only a few months later. Interestingly, Zellweger cited "fraud" as the reason for their break up, which led to much media speculation that Chesney might be gay. However they both dismissed this idea, claiming that the term was simply "legal language".

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush

Duration of Marriage: 5 months

We wanted these two One Tree Hill sweethearts to work out so badly. After playing love interests on their hit high-school TV show, the pair quickly fell in love and married in April 2005. Amongst rumours that Chad Michael Murray had cheated on his newly wedded wife, they announced their separation in the September that year. To make matters worse, they had to continue their storyline as a couple on One Tree Hill, and Murray quickly jumped into a relationship with Kenzie Dalton, an extra on the show. Awkward!

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

Duration of Marriage: 163 days

An unusual pairing from the get-go, Drew and Tom wed in July 2001 after dating for 2 years previously. The two had spent a lot of time teasing fans about an impending wedding, and even performed a short Saturday Night Live sketch where they joked about it. However, sadly, it seems that all the joking left them ill-prepared for the main event, as they divorced a mere 9 months later. However, that was still poor old Drew's most successful marriage back then, after her first marriage to bartender Jeremy Thomas lasted just 6 weeks back in 1994- oh well!