Mum's Day is coming up and you're in need of a dose of Mother's Day gift ideas. If you want to go in a different direction to the usual cute and sentimental presents, look no further than right here. We've put together a selection of unusual ideas for the unique mum (after all, there's nobody like your mum), from tasty treats and gadget gifts to prank items and plant presents.

Quirky Mum Presents Under £10

Wine Bottle Bouquet Gift Presentation - £6.00

Want a unique way to flourish your bottle of wine for mum? Pretend it's a bunch of flowers with this quirky bouquet gift presentation. Wrap up your mum's favourite wine and you're ready to go!

Knit Happens Knitting Mug - £8.99

For the mums who need a cuppa whilst they knit away, this fun twist on a rude remark will make Mum laugh. A mug for the mums who - whilst they take their knitting seriously - find the fun in life.

Personalised Life Comes with a Mother… Cake in a Card

Need a unique Mother's Day card with a fun and tasty twist? This Cake in a Card features two delicious cake slices and a witty front cover which will either make mum laugh or roll her eyes in agreement.

Vibrating Eye Massager - £9.99

Help soothe mum's headaches with this handy gadget. The Eye Massager will relieve any tension (created by you?) and will leave her eyes and temples feeling rejuvenated, ready to tackle another day of being Supermum!



Unique Mother's Day Gifts Under £20

Prank Exploding Gift Box - £11.99

If you love a prank, this exploding gift box is sure to make mum jump out of her seat. She won't know where to look as large boxes pop out of the box with a spray of confetti. Luckily, there is space underneath to place her real Mother's Day gift which she's sure to love once she's had the fright of her life.

Cat Selfie Phone Clip - £11.99

If your mum prefers taking selfies with the cat over you, this phone clip with a cat bell attached to it will keep the fur baby occupied whilst Mum snaps all the selfies she desires. Hopefully the cat doesn't claw her phone in the process.

Plant Life Support - £12.99

If you've ever come home to dead plants after a family holiday, this handy life support self-watering system for plants will keep your green-fingered mum happy and stress-free.

Personalised Eyelashes Ceramic Storage Pot - £12.99

Whether your mum is a beauty fiend or has a habit of leaving bits and bobs lying around, this ceramic storage pot will keep her space neat and tidy. Plus, it can be personalised with a short message of your own.

Invizi-Puzzle Transparent Jigsaw Puzzle - £12.99

Mum thought having you was a challenge. Prove her wrong with the Invizi-Puzzle Jigsaw, made up of entirely clear puzzle pieces. It'll keep her busy whilst you're causing chaos elsewhere in the house.



Fun Mum Gifts Under £40

Licensed Pop Culture Decanter & Mug Sets - from £23.99

If your mum is a gamer, sitcom fan, or comic stan, one of these decanter or mug sets will make her Mother's Day that much better… as well as her morning brew or evening bev. Choose between the likes of Friends, Peaky Blinders, and DC Comics.

Polaroid CandyPlay 3D Pen - £34.99

Creating candy isn't just for kids. For the mum with a sweet tooth, she can spend some quality time making her own snazzy candy creations and then eat them all. In fact, she'll probably use this CandyPlay Pen most when you're out of the house or asleep.



Unique Mother's Day Gifts for Mum Above £50

Massage Guns - from £59.99

Always hear Mum complaining about her sore back, her sore neck, or her sore legs? Combat the problem (and your ears) with one of these jazzy Massage Guns. We have three styles available, all of which feature interchangeable attachments designed to get right to the crux of the problem area.

Please note: All prices were correct at time of publication.