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Secret Santa

It's that Secret Santa time of year again! That age-old tradition bringing festive joy to office-workers, friends and family members alike! Yet how can buying a simple gift cause such a headache without the fun of mulled wine, prosecco and beer?! It's got to be appropriate. It's got to be in the right price bracket. The most important thing? It cannot be boring! It is certainly a tricky business buying an exceptional Secret Santa present.

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"Ordered my item at the last minute for a Secret Santa with my friends. Arrived in time despite me ordering it only a few days before it was needed. Excellent service."

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If it's the office Secret Santa you’re buying for, you might have drawn your boss! Or Dave from IT who you spoke to last year for 15 seconds. Or maybe you've got your office crush in which case there could be a lot riding on this Secret Santa gift! Perhaps it’s the family Secret Santa because there’s so many of you, or your massive friendship group who always tries to outdo each other every year. Whoever you’re donning the Santa hat for this year, fear not! We are here with a stack of seasonal solutions which cover all the Secret Santa bases: funny, office-appropriate (or not), unusual, quirky and cheap! Browse through our suggested products and take your secret pick.

  • Enable your giftee to really get into the Christmas Spirits with a set of Festive Boozeballs. Six plastic baubles can be filled with any (alcoholic) tipple and hung on the Xmas tree for some extra festive cheer.
  • Henry the Hoover Screen Cleaner is the perfect desk drawer companion and cleans all phone and tablet screens on demand! A practical and handy Secret Santa present.
  • A pair of Archie McPhee Emergency Underpants could save your gftee in a time of post-Christmas Crisis. You never know when a spare pair of pants might be needed!
  • A Mystic 8 Ball is a classic gift. Your Secret Santa will never be stuck for an answer to his or her burning questions again! “Is Secret Santa something I need to do again next year?” “Yes! Definitely”.
  • Who needs Xmas tree lights when your Secret Santa can kick back with a Strobing Beer Glass? Nothing says Christmas like a colour changing drinking vessel!

  • Who doesn't want to use $100 notes instead of toilet paper? Make your Secret Santa feel luxurious in the lav with our Dollar Bill Toilet Roll!
  • The ideal gift for someone who is always on a diet? A set of Funny Diet Cutlery will really help them shift those unwanted pounds.
  • Revenge is a dish best served...with a novelty Voodoo Doll of course! Just insert a photo of the victim's head into the slot provided and they'll soon be begging for forgiveness!
  • A This is F*cking Urgent Notepad is not only a real bargain of a Secret Santa gift but should also be standard issue in any self-respecting office.
  • Desktop Duck Shot is a game to liven up the office and ensure more fun at work. Fire elastic bands from a pencil gun and shoot as many ducks (definitely not co-workers) as you can. Quacking good fun!

Men are hard to buy for at the best of times but buying a Secret Santa gift for a guy you might not know at all well is like trying to wrap Christmas presents with your snow mittens on. It's snow joke! (sorry… not sorry).

We have a brilliant range of priceless Secret Santa gifts for men. We also have loads of cool, quirky and cheap gifts to go at. Here are some popular choices we know you'll love:

  • Our Roulette Drinking Game will really get the festive season off to a flying start. All your lucky Secret Santa recipient will need is a bottle of his favourite Christmas alcoho-ho-ho-ol and a group of mates to really get the party season in full swing!
  • The novelty mug is always an excellent choice when it comes to Secret Santa. It’s a good job, we have a number of them. For the office Know-It-All the “I'm Right, Let’s Move On” mug would be ideal for any good humoured co-worker, as would the “Do I Look Like a F%cking People Person” mug for anyone who works in customer services or HR. Buy any one of these mugs and you'll be sure to raise a smile.
  • Want to make someone chuckle? Gift a pair of our Tiny Hands. These miniature mitts are an amusing way to surprise family & co-workers if you use them to carry out your usual daily activities. The perfect comedy prop to thank someone who's lent you a hand.
  • A risqué yet hilarious Secret Santa gift is our Extra Long Penis Apron which would make a perfect present for the office joker. Not for the faint hearted and probably best not worn to the Christmas office party. Probably.
  • Gift a tiny piece of joy in the shape of the World's Smallest Vacuum. The ultimate gadget to help keep even the messiest of desks clean and tidy. Handy to ho ho hoover up the glitter after all the festivities draw to a close.

All the jingle ladies, all the jingle ladies! If you are struggling to think of something original, look no further! We have compiled our list of Secret Santa gifts for her:

  • These Positive Pens are the perfect Secret Santa solution. Each pen has a positive message written on it which will give nothing but good vibes and great karma to all who use them.
  • Wrap up a Personalised Shot Glass for your Secret Santa recipient. You can engrave it with a personalised message to make the lady in question know some real thought went into her Secret Santa gift.
  • Sweeten your boss up with some novelty Chocolate Sprouts. These festive themed treats are a best seller and much tastier than the real deal! They probably don't go brilliantly with gravy but taste sublime with a little Christmas champers.
  • Our Bring Me Wine Socks are an ideal fun gift for any wine lover. Wine O'clock is never far away when this festive footwear comes out to play!
  • If you are on a budget then the Heart Bath Fizzers are a real bargain. The ideal bargain Secret Santa gift for her, these bath bombs smell incredible and will help any hard-working woman relax and unwind after a busy day.