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How to Write A Love Letter

Write a love letter

With the ease of contacting people in an instant with texts, emails, Facebook and Twitter, we can easily forget how exciting it is to receive a hand written letter. When was the last time you received a love letter? School days...Last week...Never? Who gets love letters anymore? And perhaps most importantly, have you ever written one yourself?

A love letter can be far more special than any material gift and re-read whenever you need a pick-me-up. They are a way of spilling out your heart onto paper (remember that stuff?), reminiscing about your first date, first kiss, the first time you said 'I love you'... or maybe this is the golden opportunity to tell them!

If you are struggling to get your words out, here are a few handy hints to get the ball-point rolling...

Choice of Paper

First of all, what type of paper are you going to use? Lined note paper is a great way to re-live those classic school days of writing secret messages to each other using ripped out pages from your work book! Spontaneous, an air of secrecy...but it can also look like no effort has been put into it if you don't do it right!

What about getting some ivory parchment paper instead? Use the notepaper to write your rough copy and then use the posh paper to present it to your loved one. Why not fold it and pop dried rose petals in the envelope, or go the whole hog with a wax seal and stamp! Women can spritz a little of their favourite perfume in there for good measure, so that as soon as it is opened, the receiver instantly recognises the fragrance as you!

What to Write With

Next you will need a writing tool. Will you write in biro, pen or ink? Some of us don't have a choice in writing implements and often have to resort to a biro. If so, make it black ink not blue. But if you have a fountain pen stuffed away somewhere then USE IT! There is nothing like a love letter written in proper ink. It brings thoughts of Jane Austen characters, traditional romance, ripping bodices and Mr. Darcy coming out of that lake...

It also shows that you have put a lot of thought into your letter, and will make you feel like you are making a real effort when you pick up that pen. There's nothing quite like writing with a metal nib and you will wonder why you don't do it more often! Practise on a scrap of paper before you write your main letter and remember that Indian ink takes a little while to dry.

Putting the Love in Your Letter

Love Letter

So what about the message itself? Are you going to make it funny, passionate, romantic, sentimental or all of these rolled into one great big bundle of inky love? For sentimental ideas, try to think back how and when you first met, how you were feeling and your first date if you had one. Was your heart beating fast? Did you feel sick with nerves? Did you sleep all night or were you up until sunrise trying to figure out what to wear! These silly little details may mean nothing at all to you, but will spark off wonderful emotions for the reader and you may find out that they were doing the same! What about your first kiss together? Was it sweet and soft, passionate, did you clonk noses or perhaps it was a drunken stumble in the dark. "Remember our first kiss? We couldn't stop laughing when we bashed foreheads, but the end result was worth the bruises!"

Don't be afraid to fill your love letter with feelings and emotions (positive ones mind you!) that you don't often get a chance to let out. This is your chance to say all those wonderful things that you keep wanting to say, but can't find the courage or right time. Have you shared a special or funny moment together? Holidays, cars breaking down, restaurant mishaps and funny conversations are a great way to add a giggle to your special message. Try not to use words like 'snog', 'bladdered', or swear words. Keep it full of nice phrases even if you get a little raunchy. Jackie Collins and Jilly Cooper could still raise eyebrows without getting over explicit with ugly words. Think Emanuelle not Desperate British Housewives...

It's Now or Never

As well as reminiscing, don't forget to say how you are feeling NOW. "I never thought I could love someone so much and every single day I wake up feeling like it is Christmas morning with you by my side. A stunningly beautiful woman I couldn't imagine living without." Talk about your dreams and aspirations for your future together. Are you getting married or engaged? Planning a baby? Have they recently done something amazing and unexpected? Acknowledge their achievements, caring nature, good looks or personality and make your partner feel on top of the world.

Can you imagine receiving a love letter from your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, wife or husband, filled with all those wonderful emotions that seem to have been locked up all these months or years? Who needs a ton of gifts, when you can get an extraordinary letter in exchange for your love and devotion. You may think diamonds are a girl's best friend, but words are an echo of your heart and will mean more to her than gold.