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Sometimes, in all the pre-baby build up, it can be easy for expectant fathers to get left out of the baby shower excitement and present-giving. At Find Me a Gift, we want to counter that by showing Dads to be the support they deserve with our cool range of gift ideas perfect for any new Dad.

We've always thought it was a shame that men got left out of the customary pre-birth baby shower, so why not break with tradition and have a celebration of your own? You could even arrange to wet the baby's head before it's been born- I'm sure we all know a nervous new father-to-be that would certainly appreciate the gesture! That's why our dad to be gifts are as much about the father as the baby.

Whether you're looking for a present to mark the start of his paternity leave, wanting to congratulate him on the arrival of his first child, or even looking to express your gratitude for keeping you calm throughout your pregnancy, we've got it all when it comes to gifts for Dads to be.