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Personalised Lightboxes

Add a splash of individuality to any room and set the mood with an atmospheric personalised light box, designed by Find Me a Gift. From heartfelt gifts for family members, to cool adventure maps, we've got a little something that will light up everyone's life.

Combining our range of cool personalised posters with a funky mood light, our lightboxes are a great addition to any room in your home. The perfect gift for any occasion, their warm glow automatically makes your living area beautifully enticing, meaning you'll love snuggling up on those cold wintry nights even more. Our great range of personalised inserts will have you spoilt for choice deciding which will go best in your house, and our vast array of colours means there's something to complement any wallpaper or paint!

Perhaps you're looking for a Christmas or birthday gift for your Mum or Dad? Our range of personalised 'By My Side' light box prints will see their faces light up as they unwrap such a thoughtful present idea. We can practically guarantee their lightbox will be shining away proudly as they appreciate the gesture.

Alternatively, if you fancy showing your boyfriend or girlfriend that they're the light of your life (pardon the pun), our Ten Things I Love About You and Our Story Timeline inserts can also be slotted into these customisable lightboxes. It's a gorgeous Valentine's or even an anniversary gift.

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