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Novelty & Funky Lights

Set the mood in your home with some lovely ambient lighting! From novelty nightlights to funky fairy lights and luminous lamps, our wonderful range or lighting are all things delightful and bright! Whether you want to jazz up the lounge, or soothe your child's fear of the dark, our funky lights are the perfect way to create a warm, cosy setting in your home.

Whether you're looking to make your living room a paradise of cosiness and comfort, or transform your children's bedrooms into a cool haven, lighting plays an important role in creating the correct vibe. From quirky fairy lights, to retro mood lamps, we offer a large range of lights with more shades, switches and fittings than you can shake a stick at! We love the idea of coming home from a long day at the office, and basking in a warm, radiant glow whilst you snuggle up on the sofa. We truly believe we can offer the perfect vibe for every occasion, from neon LED lights perfect for a party, to soft bottle lights that'll make a night in with your other half extra romantic. Mark our words, a fun projector or cool lamp makes for a great gift for a friend or loved one.

If your child or teenager is a big Star Wars fan, why not surprise them on their next birthday with a unique Star Wars Lamp? It's glow will look very unusual on their bedside table, and will transport their room to a galaxy far far away...

Of course, for those that are planning a garden party this summer, our solar-powered Sun Jar will wow your guests and keep the party going even as it gets dark. It's perfect for any outdoor events or barbeques as it doesn't require a plug socket to get going!

We love our Scrabble Fairy Lights as a trendy and modern way to brighten up your home. They're a cheap and quirky idea that'll transform a bare wall, and will look great anywhere in your house, from the kitchen to the conservatory!

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Unicorn Night Light
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Aurora Southern and Northern Lights Projector
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Cloud Light
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Sun Jar
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Signal Pod - Wireless Bike Signals
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Twister Lamp
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