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If you and your mates are precisely the sort of people who don't take anything particularly seriously then our range of funny greetings cards is perfect for you. Here in the UK we have a particular sense of humour that we pride ourselves on and birthdays are a prime target for taking the mick. Whether you feel like being cheeky, naughty, or playfully insulting, we reckon you'll find a card that's spot on.

Cheer up a mate who's feeling a bit blue about getting older with a hilarious card and make them laugh in the face of being another year closer to becoming ancient. Or perhaps you know a grumpy old sod who could do with lightening up? Force him to crack a smile despite himself with a funny card that appeals to his hidden sense of humour. Or alternatively just point out how incredibly moody he is and hope he takes it well...

Humorous cards appeal to all sorts. Witty, wacky, rude, crude - whatever type of funny greeting card you're looking for, we're sure to have one you'll find rib tickling. We all know someone who loves to laugh, so one of our funny greetings cards is sure to appeal to them. We have a wide range of funny gifts as well, so you can get them an equally hilarious present to match!