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Name A Star

Name A Star

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Name A Star

Who'd have thought that buying a star could be so simple? The Name A Star gift set lets you give a fiery ball of gas somewhere in the galaxy any name you wish.

The idea is to name it after a friend or loved one and give it to them as a gift, but there's nothing to stop you naming it after yourself or your favourite pet. You really can call your star whatever you want. Each set includes an introduction letter, personalised framed certificate and all the information you need to find your star in the sky. This truly is a unique gift idea so snap up your star today, before they all run out.

About The Product

‘Aim for the Moon. If you miss, you may hit a star’ – optimism and love are the keys to living a happy, successful life. If you want to wish this delightful dream upon a friend or loved one, purchase the Name a Star gift today and watch them sparkle with new found glory and appreciation as they realise the lasting bond between you! It will never date or go out of style, but with the speedy rate these exquisite stars are being snapped up at, we can’t promise the galaxy will not run out.

To ensure they’re not under a dark cloud of disappoint, treat them to this gift! The personalised certificate which comes with the Name a Star gift is the ultimate authentication that they will need to feel special and loved! It is by far the necessary nebular novelty that will touch hearts and ensure a boundless bond! When night falls, your shining gift will be illuminated in the dark skies and will surprise the lucky recipient time after time! For the scientific amongst you, there is also an education astronomy starter kit included with a spectacular sky chart and star plotter so you can pinpoint your piece of sky and be defiant in what’s yours.

So let your emotions rocket and shuttle over to Find Me A Gift to buy one today.

As Name a Star is a personalised gift, please allow up to 5 working days for standard delivery. Next day delivery is available when ordered before 11am.

What do you get?

  • Introduction letter
  • Framed personalised certificate
  • Co-ordinate certificate and facts on the star’s position
  • Guide to the Northern Constellations book
  • Chart and planisphere to locate your specific star
  • Please enter the required personalisation details in the personalisation field above
  • Please note this is a novelty product and your naming will not be recognised by NASA or other official records
  • Please note that we cannot guarantee the size, brightness or location of your star

Great Reasons To Buy From Us!

  • Low prices guaranteed
  • Gain loyalty point discounts off your future purchases
  • Find a massive range of unique gifts for every occasion
  • Helpful UK customer service team
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Birthday present was a great gift. Haven't managed to find it yet but still looking. Great unusual gift very please looks very good in the packaging

Great gift, nicely packaged and arrived in good time. Partner loved it so went down a treat! Would definitely recommend. Thanks!

What a fantastic gift to buy my angel grandson well worth the money .I thought to name a star would cost hundreds you for being abe up offer this wonderful gift .

Excellent gift which I bought for my husband on our ruby wedding anniversary. I was very impressed with the item. Would definitely be looking on this website again

I bought this for my granddaughter who is 5 years old to celebrate her blessing. She loved it....the framed certificate and the contents were better quality than I expected. Contents were exactly as described. Although she is a little young to understand how to locate her star, I am sure as she gets older she will be able to do so. Such an exceptional gift that she can treasure.

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