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LED Spiral lights

Spiral Helix Lights

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Spiral Helix Lights

This decorative LED light is great for kids bedrooms or hallways. There are 18 red lights and 18 blue lights which are arranged opposite each other on a central spine. When in operation, this spiral light system swirls about, producing a 'dancing DNA' effect. The Motorised action is intermittent, which means that the horizontal spindles sweep majestically using a natural movement.

When the spiral LED light is in action it looks like a DNA diagram, which is a beautiful change from just a coloured mood light. The effect is hypnotic as it sweeps and swirls, creating magical effects on the walls and ceiling of the room.

The main product option is the light on its own, which you can connect to any standard light fixture. We also have the optional stand which turns your colourful light into a floor standing light unit, as the second option on the drop-down.

About the product

  • 'Dancing DNA' feature light
  • 2 hanging threads of LEDs
  • Mesmerising twirling motion
  • Small motor powers the movement
  • Mains powered
  • E27 screw in attachment
  • Feature stand sold separately

What do you get?

  • LED light spindle
  • Light attachment


  • light stand for the spiral light
Product code: thu305

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Though the product description isn't very clear, this product is just the black stand, not the lights. But as long as you know that then you won't be disappointed when you buy this product as you need to have bought the lights separately. The combination of the stand and the lights is perfect, they oscillate and dance at varying speeds creating beautiful patterns. The stand makes the lights spin better than fixing them to the ceiling so I would recommend getting the stand if you have the lights but it is the lights that are essential. It's a perfect gift for anyone, especially for current or prospective scientists!

This is a product sure to create a stir in your house. The video on the website shows how it works and it is beautiful.

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