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A Day of Litter Picking for 2

A Day Litter Picking for 2

  • Spend a whole day litter picking
  • Not weather dependent
  • Numerous locations across the UK available
  • A day of bonding over banana skins promised
  • A real pick me up for you and one other
  • Get back at those pesky litter bugs

All your dreams have just come true haven’t they? Now you can force your litter bug of a friend to give back to the environment and teach them a thing or two about littering. You and a friend can spend a whole day together picking up litter and feeding those rubbish bins!

Gosh, and you thought you’d have to wait until committing a minor crime and being sentenced with community service before you spent a day picking up litter – well now you don’t!

There are numerous locations to choose from, all are litter laden areas of our beautiful countryside. There’ll be plenty of rubbish for you both to pick up, and we guarantee you a busy day of bin bag filling fun. It’ll be a real pick-me-up for you both!

Whether you and a loved one want to bond over banana skins, or you have a naughty litter bug type of friend, this is a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift. And don’t worry, this experience isn’t weather dependent. In fact, the windier the better! You’ll have a more active and fun day chasing that litter around in the wind, honestly it’s bags of fun.

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