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Man Cave Ideas

Man• cave /man-ka-v/ noun - an area within a house or abode designed and decorated according to the taste of the man of the house to be used by him and his mates. It is a manctuary where he can chill out, enjoy an ice-cold beer and do exactly what he wants without any female interference or influence.

What is a Man Cave?

A man's man cave is the last bastion of masculinity in the home - a place where he can be alone, indulge in hobbies and watch the footie with his mates without his missus asking questions every five minutes. For a married man, it's a place where he can relive his bachelor days in the company of his friends and pretend he's still single. In fact, some psychologists claim that a man cave can relieve pressure on a marriage and make a relationship more stable. All the more reason to persuade the lady of the house to let you have one.

Man Cave Rules

All man caves must have rules. It's a rule. We've come up with ten edicts you may want to adopt for yours...

Man Cave Rules

Rule #1: Absolutely no women allowed.

Rule #2: Manly topics and drinks only - no slankets or onesies!

Rule #3: Beer must be always available and ice cold.

Rule #4: All who enter the man cave must have a thick skin. The banter will be plentiful and cruel.

Rule #5: Hiding beer is strictly forbidden.

Rule #6: Coasters are optional.

Rule #7: If entering the man cave when a game is on, you may ask the score (and who scored) but NOT who's playing.

Rule #8: No speaking ill of man movies (e.g. The Hangover) and positively no chick flicks allowed!

Rule #9: Talking about feelings will result in a lifetime ban.

Rule #10: Whatever happens in the man cave, stays in the man cave.

How To Make A Man Cave

Step #1: Acquire a Space

In order to make yourself a great man cave, you must first have a place to put said man cave. This can be a shed, a spare room, a study, or a basement. You don't need a big space or a big budget, just somewhere to call your own. Once you've identified where your man cave will be located, it's time to negotiate with your lovely lady and make sure that she agrees that you will be taking sole ownership of it. Be as patient as you can, because if you make her angry you're unlikely to get your way!

Step #2: Pick a Theme

Don't worry. This isn't going to be about matching curtains and soft furnishings. You won't have to sully your man cave with such feminine notions. All you need to do is figure out what you're going to use your man cave for, and then think about what you need to get in order to do that. Simple. Then you can have a well-deserved beer. Or three.

Maybe you primarily want a place to game, perhaps to watch sport or movies, maybe even simply somewhere to work in peace. Think about the uses you're aiming for and pick a theme based around that. Here's a few ideas for you:

Sports:Think jerseys on the walls and sporting memorabilia on the shelves.
Classic Study:Panelled walls, leather seats and cut glass decanters.
Games Room:Maybe a classic arcade game to go with video game posters and figurines.
Casino:Perhaps you want a place to play poker?
Rock 'n' Roll:Channel Elvis and feel like a king!
Motor Racing:Show your love for Formula 1, NASCAR, motorbikes and all things mechanical with a petrolhead's hideaway.
Comic Books:Plaster the walls with all things superheroes. Everywhere!
Music:If you're an accomplished musician and need somewhere to practice, a beginner teaching yourself the guitar with the sole intent of playing Wonderwall, or if you simply like listening to precisely the same music your missus doesn't, then make your man cave a place for musical experimentation!

Step #3: Design, Design, Design

After letting your imagination run wild while picking a theme, it's now time to rein it in a little. You may have grand plans but you need to consider two things: floor/wall space and budget. With careful research and designing, even the smallest space can look amazing. If you're limited on floor space, then hang and mount all you possibly can. Floating shelves can look spectacular and free up vital space. Pick something as your focal point and make it the most important part of the room.

If you have a larger room, consider reclining sofas and big glass fronted units; a smaller room could benefit from foot rests with storage solutions inside. Think about lighting and consider novelty options that would not only look cool, but also make a talking point (although in a man cave, talking is not obligatory). Do you want (or have space for) a bar, or would a small fridge be better? Do you need a desk or computer area? Do you want a place to keep your books?

Try to find creative solutions that allow you to fit everything you want in your man cave, so that it will become a space you're really proud of. Most importantly, be realistic. There's nothing worse than beginning to buy all the things you want, only to find out that they don't all fit in.

Man Cave Gamer

Step #4: Fill With Essentials

Now you've created a design, you can begin to buy your man cave essentials. Don't be afraid to do some searching in order to find the best possible prices; you don't want to be spending more than you have to (that's beer money you'd be spending). Consider the quality of the items you are buying. Do look for good brands that may be reduced in the sales (yes, we know that shopping will bring most men out in hives, but this is your man cave we're talking about; take one for the team, man, even if that's a team of one).

Or even consider buying your seating, bar, and fridge second-hand. Depending on your theme, you may even be able to find some great reclaimed items on auction sites or at car boot sales. Or, you could even make some of the furniture yourself! Now that's a DIY job that IS worth taking on.

A stash of seemingly useless gadgets is also essential. Don't ask why, they just are. A wall mounted beer bottle opener is a sound investment you may want to think about, because let's be honest you don't want to be scrabbling around for a bottle opener every time you want a beer!

Step #5: Add Personal Touches

Your man cave is all about you! You want to make it somewhere you love to relax and spend time. The best way to do this is to fill it with items, pictures and works of art that mean something to you and reflect your personality. This may be memorabilia from your sports team, your collection of limited edition figurines or the tickets from all those cool gigs and festivals you've gone to.

Perhaps you've been building up a stash of sci-fi film posters for decades, or you've always wanted somewhere to display your childhood collection of spacecraft models. Trophies, certificates and handicrafts are all welcome in the man cave. Prints, posters and postcards can all add colour and interest at a relatively cheap cost. Go nuts!

Basically, whatever it is that you love, from Lego to lifeboats, use your man cave to showcase your passions, somewhere no one is allowed to judge you. Any judging will result in a lifetime ban because, after all, it's your man cave and your rules!

Step #6: Enjoy!

You've done all the hard work and created the perfect man cave. Now all you need to do is relax! Crack open an ice cold beer, turn on the TV and revel in your own awesomeness. Well done my son, good job!

Man Cave Gifts

Once you've settled on a theme for your man cave, negotiated the lease with her indoors, furnished and decorated it to a sufficiently manly level, and hoarded your stock of emergency nutritional essentials (whether in cans or bottles), you might want to award yourself with some man cave gifts.

Better still, why not convince the missus that she should stump up for some hard-earned gadgets and boys toys (without, of course, implying right of access)? She'd only waste the money on cushions otherwise, so you'd be doing her a favour. So, cave lord, we invite you to feast your eyes on these beauties. Now go forth and arse about...