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People like to learn new things, to expand our horizons whether that’s in our career or in our hobbies. It’s just the way we are. Giving someone the chance to broaden their life experiences and expand their knowledge is incomparable. With courses they can do online, from the comfort of their own home, you are giving them much more than a gift, rather you’re giving them a chance to improve their life skills and maybe even discover something new. It sounds easy, right? Just pick one and be done with it, but the gifting process doesn’t come easy to some. Whether you’re a browser, an overthinker or a quick-buyer - and however you begin your gifting process - we have a few tips and tricks to help find you a gift in next to no time at all.

You know who you’re buying for

However you tackle your search for the perfect online course, if you have the person in your head, you are going to find what you’re looking for. With our filtering process, we can determine what each person in your life might want to learn and enjoy. Perhaps some gardening for mum or fitness and nutrition for your dad who’s getting that little bit older or a combined influencer programme for your sister who has grown up in the social media age.

You know exactly what you’re looking for

You’ve been searching for an online course that details the exact thing that you know your loved one wants to learn. Whether it’s a new language such as Spanish or Italian, a career choice of Interior Design or Events Management or even something as niche as Urban Gardening, either follow these links or hit the search bar with what you’re looking for. We have a selected range of online courses, but not everything; if you can’t find what you need on our website, we’ll point you in the right direction.

You know the occasion, but not the gift

Whether they have finished their A Levels, are about to graduate or retire and will need something productive to fill their time, these online courses are great to expand their horizons in a fun and educational way. For the eighteen-year-old who’s not sure which step to take next, a photography or beauty diploma might be a creative place to start. For the person who’s just got their first home, budgeting like a Boss (with a capital B) could be the one for them.

You know what they will love but need a nudge in the right direction

They constantly talk about changing young people’s lives. They’re obsessed with YouTubers like Zoella and Inthefrow. They’ve grown up wishing they could understand and converse with people who have hearing impairments. You know exactly what they would love to learn, what they would love to experience given the chance. Now, you have the answer with these online courses that will grant them more life experiences and the chance to make incredible memories. They will feel special if you’ve bought them an online course because it shows that you believe in them and they’ll have an amazing time with their brand-new skills.

You need something ASAP, whatever the gift

It’s been a tough couple of months. You’ve been busy beyond belief. You completely forgot. No worries! We can provide access to any of these online courses as soon as you purchase them. They’re online after all! A great gift in no time at all! Well, maybe thirty or so minutes. Enough time from getting ready to attending the party, right?

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