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Calling all pranksters and mischief makers! There's nothing that's more of a prime target for a spot of childish humour than someone's birthday, especially if they have a cracking sense of humour. With a funny prank present you can not only make their day brighter, but amuse yourself and any others around in the process. Gag gifts are great for anyone who's a little bit immature and loves to have a laugh.

Be the life and soul of the office Christmas party with one of our prank gifts. From old classics to toilet humour, we've got something that's bound to make you double over in a fit of laughter. Of course reactions to these timeless jokes will entirely depend on whether they're the victim or a delighted onlooker, so pick your prey carefully to make sure that they will take it well and not storm off, ruining the mood. Could be pretty awkward.

Our prank gift ideas are great for a good old giggle. Whether you want to prank them or help them wreak havoc by pranking others, there's plenty of comedy value in our presents. From prank gift boxes that will have them attempting to pretend that they really love the bizarre present you appear to have got them, to pranks that they can enjoy using themselves, your only difficulty will be stopping yourself laughing in order to click 'buy'.