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Funny Presents And Joke Gifts and family friendly

Take a seat and put all hot drinks to one side for a minute, because our unique collection of funny presents is about to make you fall off your chair. Well we can't guarantee that you'll fall to the floor but at the very least we're expecting a big belly laugh.

Whoever you're looking to buy for we've got funny present ideas for them. You'll find amusing aprons for an aspiring chef, jokes and pranks for a grade A mischief maker and good old fashioned toilet humour for those who find nothing funnier (so men then).

And the best thing about our funny presents is that nobody has to miss out. We deliver to all corners of the UK as well as internationally. With our joke gifts, we've got ideas to help get the whole world laughing! It doesn't matter whether you are fat or thin, tall or tiny. It doesn't matter whether you've a refined sense of humour or a coarse one, we've got the jokey presents for you.

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Inflatable Chicken Costume for Adults
£18.99 Save £3 (15%)
Gift of Nothing
Fart Fan
Wine Bottle Glass
Voodoo Doll
Inflatable Zimmer Frame
£9.99 Save £1 (10%)
I Love Spreadsheets Mug
£4.99 Save £1 (20%)
Baldy's Buffer
Pink & Pearly Washing Up Gloves
£6.99 Save £2 (28%)
Sock Sandals
Poo Timer
Backwards Clock
Mystic 8 Ball
Megaphone Drinking Hat
£19.99 Save £2 (10%)
Swear Jar
New Dad Survival Toolkit
£11.99 Save £1 (8%)