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New Christening Gifts

Celebrating the arrival of a new baby boy or girl comes with unparalleled excitement; watching them get christened is their first celebration as a little person and an occasion you want to provide an unforgettable gift for. You want your gift to stand out which is why you’re scanning our New Christening Gift page. We’ll tell you now this page won’t be updated weekly, but only when we do have the inspiration as well as a free pair of hands that are able to make the gifts as presentable to you as possible. Regardless, we want to help you find a christening gift in a way that suits your needs. Whether you love gifting or hate it, tend to browse for days, or know exactly what you need, get inspired with inspiration, tips and more.

You know who you’re buying for

When they’re so young and don’t have the capability of telling you they hate your gift, it doesn’t necessarily matter who you’re buying for; anything in our range will suit and if you want to personalise your gift to show the special bond you have with the bundle of joy, you can do so. That makes navigating the new christening gifts easier, doesn’t it?

You know exactly what you’re looking for

If you have a christening gift in your head, don’t expect to find it on this page. Having an extra dose of gift inspiration helps you get in the zone to find what you need, but you’re best off trying the search bar instead. If we have it, great. If we don’t, we will do our best to point you in the right direction.

You know the occasion, but not the gift

The answer is quite literally staring you in the face. Whilst we try our best to keep this page updated as much as possible, you have more chance locating a gift through browsing our full collection of christening gifts.

You know what they will love but need a nudge in the right direction

The baby you’re trying to please probably won’t care what they receive… unless it is soft and fluffy like this bunny. They are babies, after all. We doubt that the child’s parents have requested a present that’s hot off the press in the gifting world. As long as you provide a gift that encompasses experience, sentimentality and fun, you’ve pretty much got it spot on. Of course, these gifting elements may not come into play for the baby until they are old enough to appreciate your gift.

You need something ASAP, whatever the gift

You’ve been invited to the baptism last-minute. You forgot you were invited. You’ve had so much on your plate, you forgot it was this weekend. Regardless of the reason, you’re running out of time and this is the first christening page you landed on. With our range of super fast gifts, you can receive any one of them on Next Day Delivery, just in time for celebrating that little bundle of joy.

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