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Surprise Birthday Party Ideas And Tips

Surprised party goer

It is awesome to have a surprise birthday party thrown for you. Fact. The reason for this is two-fold:

1. It is a party for you, with your friends and your music and you're favourite dance moves. All of which is good!

2. It is a surprise. Making a party of the surprise variety indicates that the co-conspirators behind it must really like you. And being really well liked enough to be worthy of a surprise party feels amazing.

Now if you like someone enough and have the will and drive to organise a surprise birthday party then you're a brilliant friend. And brilliant friends are more than worthy of a little help from us. So, here are some surprise birthday ideas and tips that'll aid you in your surprise party quest.

The Party

Firstly you need to think about the sort of party, aside from surprise, you want to put on. Don't be worried about being too ambitious. There is no way the fact your birthday shindig is going to be a surprise should stop you from making it an Enchantment Under The Sea party, if that's your recipient's thing... Let your surprise birthday ideas be glorious. Think big, go strong!

General stuff...

Party fancy dress

Enlist some lieutenants. Now, if this person is really worthy of your best birthday surprise ideas it's more than likely they've friends willing to get involved and help make this super-event happen! The value of having happy-to-help accomplices can't be underestimated.

Timings are also worth thinking about early doors. Throwing the party on the actual day of their birthday is always going to arouse suspicion. Equally it's vital to make sure that the chosen time of the surprise party is free for all the main players in the show!


Pick something you're pal is going to love. You know them well enough to be able to get this bang on. Generic birthday surprise ideas are things like pool parties, fancy dress, music (DJs or a band), tea and garden parties and so forth. From here narrow it down to something specific and ace.


Party crowd dancing

If you're going the theme route it's likely that your venue might well be determined by this, it's no good having a pool party in the village hall. That is unless your village hall has a pool? Nevertheless, it's still worth thinking about things such as noise and capacity restrictions. Small and packed is far better than large and empty.

Vital for the surprise element is thinking about how you're going to get your surprisee to the party, and obviously the venue location is a huge part of this. Winners here are options such as hiring out a room in a local pub, or holding it in a restaurant, because it's all very 'ordinary' when you suggest convening there for a quiet drink. Less ordinary is convincing your buddy that there is nothing odd about going to the snow dome on a Tuesday evening...


People. The tricky bit of any surprise party. Sketch out your guest list so you have a good idea of numbers, which is always useful. Then when it comes to inviting people you have to be explicit about the fact that it's a surprise. The number one way surprise parties become just parties is when someone lets the secret slip. Suggest forfeits and a fate worse than death to anyone who gives the game away. There is no point pussy-footing around.

The Logistics

Onto the serious stuff, you've the basics of what, when, where and who - now it's time for the how!

Planning a secret party

Keeping it a secret...

At this point it's all about covert operations. That's a military term and you need to be militaristic about this if it's going to work. Plan and execute, being well organised might seem dull, but it'll make for a far more splendid occasion than something that has been pieced together at the last minute. Plus serious and detailed planning is the only way you're going to be able to keep the birthday bod in the dark.

Now, there is another option regarding keeping it a secret. It might not be quite so spectacular, but you can inform the lucky birthday person that you're throwing them a party, but keep everything else secret. This way the logistics of keeping them unsuspecting and out of the way don't matter, but the thrill of finding out what you've organised for them is still super-exciting.


Are you up to this? It's no easy task and you have to play it cool. If you're the sort of person who immediately becomes conspicuous as soon as you know something that someone else in the room doesn't, then maybe this isn't for you. Seriously you do not want to go in over your head, we're just saying.


In the modern age surprise birthday ideas and parties are less common. Let's face it, with smartphones and social media ever present in a group of friends it's very difficult to keep anything under the radar. However, it is possible to use the easy and convenient Facebook for inviting people. You just have to exclude the person you are planning to surprise from the 'event' and hope everyone is aware enough to not cross time lines in a manner that compromises the surprise.

The trick is also to only give very minimal details about the event to start with. This way you can wait until you have a list of definite attendees. Initially just give out time, date and venue and make clear that it's a surprise. Once you have a solid guest list you can start feeding them details regarding themes and plans and that way an excitement crushing spilling of the beans is less likely to occur.

On the day...

Happy birthday celebrations

All your hard work is about to pay off. But don't be complacent the actual day is always going to be the toughest. Your birthday surprise ideas are all in place now it's just time to execute!

What really matters here is just keeping the birthday boy or girl where you need them. If you've co-conspirators this shouldn't be that difficult, just have them arrange to do something together that doesn't seem out of the ordinary, such as going for a coffee, nipping to the pub for a swifty, a mooch around the park, walking the dog and so forth.

Obviously where the party is will reflect the procedure. If it's in their home, you'll need a plan to get them out of it. If it's at a venue they never go to, you'll need to come up with a viable excuse to get them there.

The Big Reveal

It's the money shot moment! Again it's all about commitment. Don't go off half-mast. Make sure guest cars are hidden from the front of the house/venue. Make sure that guests hiding is at an Olympic level, as is the staying silent until the time comes to shout... SURPRISE!!!

And there you have it! You pulled of the surprise party of a lifetime for your awesome pal / lover / sister / brother / mother / father, etc. Good work!