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30th Gifts For Him

You have to accept that you have flaws. That doesn’t mean you don’t do anything about them (Independent).

The man in your life about to turn thirty is in for a massive change. Gone are the days of his youth where he could get away with being reckless – think jumping head-first off a cliff into the bluest oceans on his travels, or speeding a little too quickly around those tight corners. It is time to grow up… just a little. If he is feeling a little down in the dumps about heading into a new decade, tell him that he is in good company with our very own royalty. Prince Harry stated in September 2014, “I’m slowly starting to feel old… I’m actually quite old. I don’t feel too old, I think I’m always young at heart” (Mirror). If that doesn’t strike you as a man confused about turning 30, we’re not sure what will! Distract your man from this head boggle by treating him to a gift he will never forget. Luckily our heads are pretty screwed on in the gifting department so finding the ultimate 30th birthday gift will be a smooth experience here at Find Me a Gift.

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Men took to Reddit in 2017 to discuss their feelings about turning thirty, to give advice and anecdotes, to one another as they were about to plunge deep into a brand-new era of life. Many talked about reputation, whether that was in the workplace or with the ladies, it is hard to decipher…: “A reputation is easy to build, but hard to change or erase, which is why making a good impression from the start is very important” (Independent). Either way, relationships are far more solid in your thirties than they are in your twenties with divorce dropping to 5% if people marry at thirty-five (Thought Catalogue)! That is a winner for when they are looking to settle down and start a family, unless they want to enter the ever-luxurious bachelorhood for the rest of their life. General happiness is far better which means the man in your life is in for an absolute rollercoaster and needs something incredible to kickstart the time of his life! Whatever their relationship to you, let the birthday boy know how loved he is and how important he is in this world, with the 30th birthday gift he will never forget.

What do you get a man for his 30th birthday?

Men are difficult to buy for at the best of times, so when it is a momentous occasion such as his 30th birthday, the search is on to find that incredible gift that will rock his socks off! Whatever his personality, whatever stage he is at in his life, we have found the quirkiest, silliest, most-exciting and most- loved gifts which are sure to put a smile on his face, make him laugh out loud and maybe, just maybe, cause him to have a tear in his eye. This epic milestone deserves a gift that will be remembered through the ages.

Here are 30 birthday gift ideas for his 30th birthday:

  • A timepiece that is both fashionable and functional.
  • An exquisite three-piece-suit for all the grown-up occasions he will attend.
  • Personalised cufflinks.
  • A signature scent that is seductive yet classy.
  • A set of fancy tools for all the DIY work in his home.
  • A whiskey decanter for those late-night tipples.
  • A bottle of his absolute favourite alcoholic drink.
  • An epic birthday trip!
  • Tickets to a big game of his favourite sport, or to see his favourite band in concert.
  • An instrument that he has been after for months.
  • A personalised t-shirt with 30 anecdotes from his family and friends.
  • Luxurious skincare specifically created for men.
  • A set of luxury luggage tags with passport, preferably embossed with initials.
  • A survival kit for his thirties now that hangovers and morning afters will be far more aggressive.
  • 30 small, meaningful gifts.
  • A pair of beautiful shoes to match that exquisite suit.
  • An old-school record player for his living room.
  • A collection of first-edition comics, whether he is a DC or Marvel fan.
  • A crown so he is king for the day.
  • A desktop game to keep the fun going when he returns to the office.
  • A signed print from his hero.
  • A trendy beard kit, complete with oils, scissors and comb.
  • A coffee machine for those early morning dashes to work.
  • His favourite girl’s name in the form of a speaker: Alexa.
  • A Slush Puppie Machine for those hot summer afternoons.
  • A multi-function gym bag that will transform into hand-luggage for trips away.
  • A stress ball in his favourite shapes for those taxing moments.
  • A collection of the most intellectual classic books.
  • A personalised compass to lead them in the right direction for the next decade.
  • 30 of your favourite moments together.

What can I do for my husband’s 30th birthday?

With life getting more and more hectic as he heads into this late twenties, early thirties (weddings, big birthdays, christenings, stag dos, new babies…), what you could both really do with is spending some quality time together, even if it for one night only, or not even that! An afternoon spent together is better than nothing at all. Include his family if he wants a massive fuss or keep it to just the two of you for some intimacy away from the realities of day to day life.

5 ideas to celebrate your husband’s 30th birthday:

  • Fulfil his childhood dream of becoming a spy like James Bond with a day at the Spy Academy.
  • Head somewhere unique for an overnight stay! Maybe you’ll end up in a castle, a potting shed, or a cider house!
  • Give him something a little daring and surprise him with the photographs from a boudoir photoshoot… a luxurious day out for you and a bit of excitement for him. It’s a win-win situation!
  • Say “Yes” to absolutely everything for a day, no matter what it is for… unless it is against your morals, illegal, or absolutely, outstandingly bonkers.
  • Give him a pamper day: beer, luxury robes, the remote control, a massage. Sometimes it is the little things that make the difference.

What should I get my best friend for his 30th?

Bros before… You want to show your best mate how much you love him with something epic, so epic that it is in the running for the top spot of the 30th birthday gifts he receives this year. Afterall, you know all his secrets, have been with him when he’s made all his outrageous decisions and stuck with him through thick and thin for as long as you have known him. Have some lad time and get his crazy side out with something you’ll be talking about in years to come.

5 birthday gifts with best mate stamped all over them:

  • Anti-Sarcasm Breath Spray for your lad’s night out, to stop him before he says something sarcastic in the wrong company… or even worse when his other half is in a mood.
  • Get his adrenaline pumping with a driving experience for the both of you. Whether it is a supercar experience or a ride in a tank, there is something to give you both a thrill!
  • Have a games night. Think COD, God of War, FIFA, or Grand Theft Auto. Get the beers in, order the takeaway and play until you pass out.
  • Get away for a lad’s weekend. Think of it like a mini stag, but with no wedding. Top European breaks would be Prague, Amsterdam or Budapest!
  • Have a wander around a brewery or distillery for the day. Whether he loves boozing on beer, or prefers something a little delectable like whiskey, it can make for a great day out!

What can I buy my 30-year-old son for his birthday?

You have taught him most of what he knows, at least the core basics, but there may be some things he still needs to learn before he hits this next stage. Things such as cooking a signature dish, choosing a decent wine and how to drink for the entire day (The Telegraph). These are accomplishments that he should be able to learn on his own, but there is nothing like a little bit of education from the parents to nudge him in the right direction, especially if he’s still living at home like the majority of 18-34 year olds today, 34.5% in fact (in U.S) which is larger than any other housing arrangement (NGPF). Whatever his living arrangement, buy him something that he will cherish for the rest of his life, an incredible 30th birthday gift that could only be from his beloved parents.

5 presents engraved with a parent’s love:

  • A piece of jewellery that he will always wear, no matter the occasion just so it can be close to him.
  • A photo book of all your cherished memories of them, from a baby to now.
  • A detailed family tree to show where they’re heritage lies.
  • Bottles of whisky, beer and wine to start his own collection or homemade bar.
  • A helping hand with something huge he is saving for!

Turning thirty is a momentous occasion. It is the first milestone that a person dreads, but as Peter Hoare declares: “I’m of the opinion that humans are like wine – that we get better with age. Ten years ago, I was a total moron, and now I’m just kind of an idiot…” (Ask Men). Perhaps all men feel the same way, and the next decade is where they will finally found some semblance of sophistication as they finally understand who they are and are comfortable with it, rather than trying to fit in to different social groups – online and offline – left, right and centre. Or maybe the negative view of themselves will only dwindle slightly over the next ten years. Either way, this is the time that they will be able to change their path, begin a new chapter, and lead the life they have always wanted to. No matter what relationship you and he have, be certain that the gift you present to him will be received with overwhelming joy. Be it big or small, silly or precious, we have you covered here at Find Me a Gift…

                                                                                                                                                                         … because giving feels good!