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There's no bigger landmark birthday than a very 1st birthday, is there? An exciting time for both parents and baby alike, all of our 1st birthday gift ideas are designed to highlight this very special occasion.

If your baby's about to celebrate their very first birthday and you're currently wondering where the time's gone, why not treat them (and yourself) to an adorable keepsake to commemorate all the special times you've both had in the first year of their life? Our full range of 1st birthday gifts have plenty of mementos that the two of you will be able to appreciate for many birthdays to come. On the other hand, if you fancy getting your baby a 1st birthday present that's a bit more fun for them, we have plenty of teddies, books and toys we know they'll love.

So feel free to browse through all our 1st birthday gifts and toys, and we're sure you'll find the perfect present in no time. A first birthday truly is a time to celebrate, especially with the terrible two's just around the corner- enjoy it all while you can!