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Funny Stocking Fillers

At Find Me a Gift, we're firm believers that the stockings are a great chance to inject some humour into your Christmas. If you're looking to vary from your usual offering of socks, we think a few novelty joke items are the perfect solution for stocking filler fun. Face it, if you've chosen deep meaningful gifts for under the tree, why not play it a little crazy with ideas for the stockings? Whether you're buying for the kids, your boyfriend, or your Mum, we've got funny fillers that will have them all giggling come Christmas morning.

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In our experience, the stockings are everyone's favourite part of Christmas, as it's a chance to open up some unusual surprises that will really make you smile. From novelty books to crazy gadgets, we have plenty of random ideas you would never have thought of. Nowadays, with the rise of Christmas lists and letters to Santa, most people pretty much know what presents they'll be getting underneath the tree, making the stockings your one chance to have free reign for surprises. You can go as weird and wonderful as you wish, and we bet your recipients will thank you for it.

If you're looking for something funny and silly to surprise the kids with, we suggest this cute Bath Pug. It's an adorable way to make bathtime more appealing to babies, toddlers and older children alike, and isn't too girly for boys either! You'll definitely get some cool parent points for this quirky gift.

Of course, if you're looking for some slightly rude and cheeky stocking stuffers for your boyfriend, then these Top Tits Adult Playing Cards are perfect. We bet he'll be delighted to challenge his girlfriend to a game after Christmas lunch, it'll be the funniest thing he'll do all day!

However, if you're looking for a more grown-up joke stocking filler for your Mum and Dad, we reckon the Gift of Nothing should do the trick. It's the ultimate revenge for them saying "Oh you really don't have to get me anything" year after year!