Dog walkers adore their job whether it's what pays the bills or if they do it for a little extra cash in their pocket. Some make a whole career out of it and others do it as favours for their mates. Whether your dog walker is a pro or not, explore our top ten gifts for dog lovers and walkers whatever the occasion.

1. Dog Ball Launcher

Does the dog walker in your life need to launch dog balls a lot further than their arm is able to? They might feel like Arnold Schwarzenegger when they rock up to the local park with this ball machine in hand, but it will provide hours of fun for their pet pooches and a long afternoon nap for the both of them once they return home.

2. Sausage Dog Ring Holder

Gifts for dog lovers come in all shapes and sizes. Remind the dog lover in your life of their paw-tastic pup when they're getting ready in the morning with this cute Sausage Dog Ring Holder. Cute and handy for the rings they're always losing in their bedroom.

3. Personalised Dog Walking Socks

Long dog walks require decent socks. It's even better if the dog walker has a handy unique box of walking socks in their dresser. Presented in a personalised box containing their name and their favourite pooch's name, these dog walking socks will fast become the starting point of every lengthy dog walk.

4. Personalised Dog Features Mug

For the dog lovers who get up extra early for those morning walks, give them a cute mug with a cute illustration of dog features. Ideal for coffee before trudging through fields no matter the weather and a cute reminder of how much they truly love the pooch they walk even when sleep deprivation tells them otherwise.

5. Personalised Pet Photo Cushion

As if seeing their favourite four-legged friends every day wasn't enough, you can give the dog lover in your life a double-sided pet photo cushion with two photos of their happy pup. If they don't own the dog, they can cuddle the cushion at night. If they do, well, there's no harm in seeing more of their pooch's face, is there?

6. Pet By My Side Personalised Print

For completely unique pet gifts for dog lovers, personalised prints, especially this one, might be the ideal style of gifts you need. You won't find the Pet By My Side print anywhere else but Find Me a Gift. It features a silhouette of the dog lover and pooch and can be personalised with a name, year and message. The poster will be put pride of place in any dog lover's home.

7. Personalised Dog Puffer Jacket

This pet gift is more for the pooch rather than the dog lover, but any dog person would prefer gifts for dog lovers their furry bestie can enjoy… especially one that keeps them warm. This puffer jacket will make every dog walk better come rain or shine, especially in the colder months when the last thing your dog will want to do is brace the cold. Feeling cosy next to the fire or radiator is a much better option.

8. Personalised Dog Breed Wooden Keyring

Dog lovers wish they could take their pet pooch everywhere they go. Have you seen how much happier people are with dogs in the workplace? Unfortunately, it's not acceptable everywhere, but that doesn't mean they can't carry a cherished keepsake of their dog, just a very small, wooden kind. This dog keyring won't replace the puppy cuddles though; we guarantee it.

9. Personalised Pet Photo Socks

Who doesn't want photos of their favourite dog's face all over their socks? This pair will be an instant pick-me-up on any dreary morning. The dog lover can wear them on walks, at the office underneath their dapper suit and on weekends when they are curled up on the couch with their favourite furry companion.

10. Pet Photoshoot

Capture paw-tastic memories between dog lover and their pet with a pet photoshoot they can enjoy together! It might be a hurdle trying to get the pooch to sit still. Luckily, a professional photographer, trained in working with pets and getting their good side for the photo, is on-hand. The dog walker will receive a free photo print to keep as a treasured memento of their special afternoon together.