Celebrate the superheroes in your life - the hardworking and loving mothers who deserve a special occasion of appreciation! And, let's not forget Grandmothers, and other Motherly figures in our lives. Mother's Day is the perfect time to spread some love and shower them with thanks and appreciation for everything they do.

So, you might be wondering, "When is Mother's Day?" Mother's Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which is a Christian tradition. But here's the kicker – the date actually changes every year! Why, you ask? It's all because of the lunar calendar. Lent is the 40-day period leading up to Easter, and since Easter moves around based on the lunar calendar, so does Mother's Day. Mark your calendars for March 10th as we honour the incredible woman who brought us into this world - Mother's Day is right around the corner!

From giving gifts and heartfelt cards to spending quality time together, there are so many fun ways to make our Mums feel extra special. Finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. Uncover our carefully curated assortment of budget-friendly Mother's Day gifts, guaranteed to shower your adored Mum with infinite love and gratitude, without putting a dent in your wallet - all under £50!

What should I get my Mum for Mother's Day?

If you're wondering what to get your Mum for Mother's Day, look no further. We've got the inside scoop on the top gift ideas that will make your Mum feel like the queen she is. When choosing the perfect gift, don't forget to consider your Mum's preferences and tastes. Whether she's a fan of cosy comforts, culinary delights, or skincare goodies, there's a special gift out there just waiting to put a smile on her face.

Luckily, you don't have to break the bank to show your love and appreciation. In fact, there are plenty of fantastic bargain options for Mother's Day under £50. Our gift guide covers all types of personalities, whether she's a beauty junkie, a foodie, a home décor enthusiast, or anything in between, we've got you covered! So go ahead and spoil your Mum with something special this Mother's Day without the guilt of spending lots of money on gifts.


Our Mother's Day Gift Guide for those on a Budget

1. Personalised Photo Frame - The perfect Mother's Day gift that will undoubtedly warm your Mum's heart. It allows you to capture a cherished memory and present it in a beautiful and sentimental way. By adding your favourite picture of you and your Mum and with the option of personalisation, you can create a unique gift that holds immense value.


2. Spa Gift Set - If your Mum is a hard-worker, pampering and relaxation are essential and what better way to show your love and appreciation than by treating her to a spa-like experience in the comfort of her own home? A spa gift set is the perfect Mother's Day present that will allow your Mum to indulge in some well-deserved self-care.


3. Recipe Book - A recipe book is not just a collection of instructions; it is a treasure trove of memories and love. This Mother's Day, why not surprise your Mum with a recipe book that will make her heart melt? It's the perfect gift for any Mum who loves to cook or bake, and it won't break the bank... Or why not let her craft her own recipe book with photos, handwritten notes, or even anecdotes about the origin of each recipe - a truly unique, sentimental and affordable gift.


4. Customised Mugs - Start your Mum's day off right with a customised mug that she can enjoy her morning coffee or tea in. Choose a design or message that is meaningful to her, and every time she uses it, she will be reminded of your love and thoughtfulness.


5. Letterbox Flowers - The classic gift choice for Mother's Day, and it's not difficult to understand why. These beautiful blooms symbolise the essence of our Mothers - their beauty, love, and unwavering support in our lives. Gifting flowers on this special day is a heartfelt way to express our gratitude and appreciation for everything they do. Whether it's a vibrant bouquet or a simple arrangement of daisies, flowers are always a great choice for Mother's Day. 


6. Personalised Candle - Create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere with a personalised candle. Choose a scent that your Mum loves and have it customised with her name or a special message. Every time she lights the candle she will be reminded of your love and thoughtfulness. The perfect way to enjoy an ambient candlelit bath.


7. Spa Day Voucher - What better way to spoil your Mum this Mother's Day than with a spa day voucher? This affordable experience gift allows her to indulge in some well-deserved pampering and enjoy a day of relaxation and rejuvenation. With a spa day voucher, your Mum can choose from a wide range of treatments tailored to her preferences. Whether she prefers a massage, facial, manicure, or all of the above, she can customise her spa day experience to suit her needs. It's a thoughtful and luxurious gift that will make her feel special and loved.


8. Personalised Jewellery - Imagine her delight when she receives a necklace or bracelet with her birthstone or initials engraved on it. This thoughtful touch adds a unique and personal element to the gift. There are countless options that will perfectly match her style. Show your Mum how much she means to you with a one-of-a-kind piece she'll cherish forever.


9. Customised Wine Glass - Raise a toast to your Mum with a personalised wine glass. Choose a design that suits her taste, whether it's elegant and sophisticated or fun, and have her name or initials etched onto the glass. This thoughtful gift will not only make her feel special but also add a touch of elegance to her wine-drinking experience.


10. Experience Gift Voucher - A gift voucher is the perfect Mother's Day present that allows your Mum to choose something she truly desires. It shows her that you care about her interests and want her to have the ultimate experience. With a gift voucher, you are not just giving a material item; you are giving an opportunity for your Mum to indulge in something she loves and create lasting memories.


11: Online Cooking Class - Treat your Mum to a delightful cooking adventure with an interactive online class! Let her explore new recipes, master culinary techniques, and learn from top-notch professional chefs. An amazing and affordable experience gift for a cooking enthusiast.


12: Personalised Plant Pot - This gift combines nature with a personal touch, making it an ideal present for any gardening enthusiast or plant lover, creating a truly one-of-a-kind gift. Choose her favourite plant to add an extra personal touch.


13. Wine Tasting Treat Box - Indulge in the delicious Wine Tasting Treat Box and satisfy your taste buds. This gift set includes Merlot and a selection of savoury treats. The perfect gift for a wine lover! With its exquisite presentation, it's the perfect gift and no need for extra wrapping!


14. Personalised Heart Trinket Box - Make your Mother feel all gooey inside with a heartfelt message engraved on a beautiful trinket box. The heart shape of the box will perfectly mirror your sweet sentiments. With 80 characters to work with, you have plenty of space to write something truly special. This heart shaped trinket box is the perfect gift for Mother's Day 2024.


15. Personalised Cushion - Capture precious memories and create a heartfelt gift with a personalised photo cushion. Add a photo of one of your favourite moments together, from family vacations to special moments, and add a short title to show how much she means to you.


16. Neck Massager - Take care of your Mum's wellbeing with a comforting neck massager. The ultimate relaxing experience, that will make anyone unwind after a long, hard day - a truly one-of-a-kind gift that she will cherish and enjoy.


17. Personalised Wall Art - Add a personal touch to your Mum's home with personalised wall art. Choose a design or quote that holds special meaning and turn your Mum's favourite memories into beautiful wall art with a personalised framed print. Choose a special photo or create a collage of pictures that hold meaning to her. This gift will not only decorate her walls but also serve as a constant reminder of cherished moments.


18. Family Portrait - Make your Mum's heart melt this Mother's Day 2024 with a timeless and nostalgic photoshoot. Say goodbye to outdated perms and 90s fashion and say hello to a stylish and memorable gift. Give your Mum cherished memories and make this Mother's Day 2024 unforgettable.


19: Pet Portrait - Capture their special bond with their furry friend in a unique and unforgettable pet photoshoot experience. Who knows, it might even make their bond even stronger... if that's even possible!


20: Time Together - Ultimately the best present is by spending time together for Mother's Day 2024. Your undivided attention is the ultimate gift that will make her feel loved and appreciated and will show her just how much she means to you!


Give your Mum the perfect gift this Mother's Day to show her just how much you love and appreciate her! Finding the perfect gift can feel like an exhilarating treasure hunt, with a myriad of incredible deals waiting to be discovered. Fortunately, our list of the top 20 Mother's Day gifts under £50 should help explore the dazzling array of options that perfectly sync with her passions while effortlessly fitting within your budget, leaving you with extra cash to splurge on her favourite bottle of rose.

Whether she's a cooking enthusiast, a plant lover, a wine connoisseur, or someone who cherishes memories, there's something on this list for every type of Mum. On this special day, let's celebrate not only our cherished Mothers, but also the incredible Grandmothers and all the remarkable Motherly figures who have shaped our lives with their love and wisdom.