If you're finding yourself heading towards a second lockdown birthday, we really feel for you. Truly. One lockdown birthday was bad enough, but a second? Well, you can say "there's always next year" for the second year in a row, as depressing as that sounds.

That's enough of the doom and gloom.

Make this lockdown birthday special for yourself or a loved one with a load of lockdown birthday gifts and special gifts to celebrate this crazy, unforgettable (even if you might want to forget it) time.


Send letterbox gifts

Send a letterbox gift without getting up from your couch. What's the point when you can't enter the birthday celebrant's house and celebrate with them anyway? With letterbox chocolate hugs shaped in a circle and heart, they won't have ever been more excited to receive a delicious treat through the door. Want a unique and unusual gift to post straight through their letterbox? A pair of personalised socks in a variety of styles and designs. From funny hidden messages to sentimental photo socks, there's plenty of choice that fit through the door. Ideal for the lockdown birthday boy or girl who wants to go for their daily walk whenever they feel like it without having to wait for the postman (even though we know it's the most exciting part of the day!).

Give funny and sentimental lockdown mugs

Every lockdown birthday should start with a decent cuppa, especially one that has a sarcastic twist about the current lockdown situation. How about a Social Distancing Mug? We'll give you a heads up, it's not exactly 5 stars. What about an uplifting personalised mug for him or her, telling your loved one how strong they truly are? It's been a pretty horrific year and everyone needs a little pick-me-up, even in the small form of a personalised mug. Reckon the birthday celebrant wants a little more peace and quiet on their special day? Perhaps they want to isolate in isolation. Sound about right? This choice of isolation mugs will warn everyone in the house not to come near them as long as the mug is in their hands.

Give them something to look forward to

We all need something to look forward to and your loved one's lockdown birthday is the time to celebrate it. Explore lockdown birthday gifts with gift experiences at the top of the list. We know that you can't do anything or go anywhere right now which is why our experiences have 18 months on the clock. From supercar track days to quintessential afternoon tea vouchers, there's plenty of choice for people of all ages.


Have a games afternoon

Lockdown birthday ideas are a little less extravagant and a little smaller. You can't get dressed up and go for brunch with the girls. You can't ring the lads for a quick pint down the pub. In fact, you can't leave the house and you can't invite anyone over. Sounds a bit depressing, but it's the harsh reality we're living in. What you can do to celebrate your first or (more likely) second lockdown birthday is have a games afternoon. How long until lockdown's over again? Test out your FRIENDS knowledge with this FRIENDS trivia game and spark a long-awaited rerun of the classic 90s show for the rest of lockdown. If you absolutely suck at drawing, spend your lockdown birthday doodling random pictures and guessing what on earth they all mean with a doodling game.

Spending your lockdown birthday alone?

Order yourself a fancy bottle of wine, gin or prosecco and have it personalised to your taste. Grab yourself a glass (we have personalised glasses too, if you want to be really fancy), pop on your favourite Netflix show and chill out. If chilling out isn't your first option, put on a playlist, get your best outfit on and dance around like nobody is watching, because nobody is watching. It's lockdown. Whatever your plans to celebrate a lockdown birthday, there's a tonne of present ideas and celebration ideas at Find Me a Gift. Don't be wishing this year away; there's still plenty of time to enjoy it with a smile.

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