"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go…" .. you may have noticed the stores have been stocked up with cards and gifts since early September (ok, August) and there's certainly no escaping it now, decorations are sprouting up everywhere, Christmas tunes fill the air and diets are beginning to fly out of the window… Yes, tis the season to get your festive feast on!

But this isn't about the annual banquet that takes place on 25th December, we're here to talk turkey about all the weird and wonderful Christmas flavoured treats that pop up this time of year. Yes, it's CHRISTMASSSSSSS and we know you love Christmas just as much as us (otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right?) and so reckon you'll be just as intrigued and maybe excited to try what crazy Christmas-fied goodies are out there to devour and drink -

Ok, let's get our festive feast started with a trip down the savoury aisle with some snacks that are here to bring you Christmas dinner on a plate, one crunch at a time…

Walkers Crispmas Sprout Haters and Sprout Lovers Festive Multi Packs

Firstly, loving the 'Crispmas' pun. Secondly, dam you Walkers, I don't like sprouts, yet you have made me want to try them!!

Christmas Tree Flavour Salted Hand-Cooked Crisps

For those pining for a taste of Christmas ….Your eyes are not deceiving you, yes it does actually say 'Christmas Tree Flavour '. You can find them in Iceland (the store, not country