From light humour to straight up rude and cheeky, Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to show your Dad just how much you appreciate him - with a little bit of laughter thrown in for good measure. Whether he's known for his dry sense of humour or loves a good prank, there are plenty of funny Father's Day gifts out there that will make him smile from ear to ear.

In this blog, we'll explore some hilarious and offbeat gift ideas that will bring a smirk to your Dad's face on his special day. So, get ready to bring on the laughs and make this Father's Day one to remember with these rude and cheeky gift ideas!

Funny & Novelty Gift Ideas For Dad

When it comes to finding the perfect Fathers Day Gift, sometimes it's best to go for something that brings a smile to his face. Novelty and funny gifts are a great option for those who appreciate a good laugh. One popular choice is sarcastic mugs. These hilarious mugs feature witty phrases and sarcastic statements that are sure to brighten up any morning coffee routine.

For those who enjoy a good joke, there are an abundance of silly gifts available. From Funny warning signs to toilet-themed games, these gifts are sure to bring out the inner child in any man. If you're looking for something to add a touch of humour to a space, consider novelty warning signs. These signs feature playful phrases like "The Staying Inn: Nobody Leaves Sober" or "Man Cave Doormat".

For those who appreciate unique drinking experiences, upside-down glasses can be a funny and novelty gift. These glasses are designed to invert the liquid inside, making it appear as if your Dad is drinking from the bottom of the glass - a sure conversation starter at any gathering. Funky socks are another great choice for a funny gift. From bold patterns to cheeky phrases, these socks add a touch of humour to any outfit.

Whether you're looking for a funny mug, a silly gift, or a unique novelty item, there are plenty of options available to bring a smile to any Dad's face. These gifts are a great way to show your sense of humour and make any occasion a little more lighthearted.

Father's Day Gift Guide with a twist:

Finding the perfect gift for Dad can often be a challenge, but adding a touch of humour to the equation can make the process all the more enjoyable. To help find the ideal funny and rude gift for Dad this Father's Day, we've collated a wide selection of ideas. From light-hearted humour to straight up rude, there's plenty of gag gifts to make him smile from ear to ear. This list starts off tame but as you scroll down, you'll find some truly cheeky and hilarious gift options that are sure to bring a laugh to your Dad's face.

Tame Ideas

Novelty Brogue Socks - Step up your Dad’s sock game with a pair of novelty brogue socks that will make him feel like he’s never even took his shoes off. The socks feature a stylish brogue design that stops at the ankles, giving the illusion that he is stepping out in both socks and shoes.


Beer Tie - Say goodbye to spills and hello to freedom with our quirky beer tie! Let your Dad never worry about balancing his bottle again, so he can focus on enjoying the party, popping those snacks into his mouth, greeting his friends, and showing off his best dance moves. This tie is the perfect fit for any Dad, thanks to its adjustable strap! Perfect for BBQs, weddings, and everything in between!

Beer Tie


Lord Of Lazy Tuxedo Bib - Introducing the Lord Of Lazy Tuxedo Bib - the perfect blend of elegance and convenience for his dining adventures! This must-have accessory not only adds a touch of style to his dining experience, but also ensures that spills and splatters are a thing of the past. Elevate his dining game with our Lord of Lazy Tuxedo Bib - the chic and practical accessory!


Sink The Floater Game - Test your Dad’s strategy and memory skills as he tries to sink his opponent's poo into the toilet. Take turns guessing where the other player's poo is hidden and sink their floaters before they sink yours to claim victory in this fast-paced game!


Cheeky Ideas

(WARNING – some of the following may cause offence)

Inflatable Zimmer Frame - Inject some fun and laughter into your Dad's life with the Inflatable Zimmer Frame! This novelty gift is perfect for those who enjoy a good joke and aren't afraid to show off their playful side. Simply inflate the zimmer frame, and your Dad can have a hilarious prop to use at parties, gatherings, or just around the house for a good laugh.


I Don't Have the Energy to Pretend I Like You Today Mug - For those brutally honest Dads, this mug says it all without saying a word! Perfect for those who don't have the energy to pretend they like you. It's funny, thoughtful, and can hold a tasty cup of coffee. Guaranteed to get a giggle and brighten their day.


Don't Wake Up the Grumpy Old Git Sole Socks - If you're looking for a hilarious and cheeky gift for Father's Day, look no further than the Don't Wake Up the Grumpy Old Git Sole Socks. These socks are perfect for the Dad who loves a good laugh and doesn't take himself too seriously. With a playful design featuring the words "Don't Wake Up the Grumpy Old Git" on the soles, these socks are sure to bring a smile to your Dad's face every time he puts them on.


Boobs - The Proof That Men Can Focus On Two Things At Once Mug - Looking for a funny and cheeky Father's Day gift that will surely bring a chuckle to your Dad's face? The Boobs - The Proof That Men Can Focus On Two Things At Once Mug is the perfect choice. This novelty mug features a humorous phrase that plays on the stereotype that men can't focus on more than one thing at a time. With a bold and cheeky design, this mug is sure to make Dad laugh every time he uses it.


Personalised Offensive Nickname Back of Football Shirt Cushion - The football shirt cushion that will let them know exactly how you feel. With six offensive names to choose from, you can really make a statement. The chosen name will be printed in bold capital letters at the top of the design, followed by a shirt number of your choice. Pick their lucky number or their most hated number to really get under their skin. Whether they love it or hate it, you're guaranteed to get a reaction with this fun and cheeky gift!


Outright Rude Ideas

(WARNING – some of the following may cause offence)

Bad Alexus - Novelty Offensive Wireless Speaker - Meet Bad Alexus, the hilariously rude and offensive speaker. She's failed the customer-friendly and positive aspect of production, only responding with phrases like "I'm not your bloody slave, you know" and "You can kiss my ass!" in a British or American accent. With 10 rude responses in her repertoire, you never know what she'll say next. Not for the faint-hearted, Bad Alexus may not make the best impression, but at least she can play all your favourite tunes via Bluetooth. The only way to silence her is to let the music speak louder than her words.


F Off Socks - The perfect gift for the Dad who needs a laugh or for flashing Mum when she’s getting on his nerves. Just be sure to keep them away from grandma's prying eyes!

F Off Socks


Naked Apron for Men - This saucy apron adds a double meaning to coq-au-vin, sure to bring laughter to the dinner table. It is perfect for any man who enjoys spending time in the kitchen. While it may be considered vulgar and in-your-face, it is also hilariously funny. It adds a playful and humorous touch to the kitchen environment. Perfect for those who enjoy a bit of fun and laughter while cooking, especially when entertaining guests.


Offensive Coffee & Cake Stencils - Give his morning coffee or afternoon cake an extra kick with these daring stencils! This pack of 6 features bold profanities, as well as cheeky images. These offensive coffee and cake stencils will definitely make a statement!


Black and White Unt Mug - The Black and White Unt Mug is the perfect gift for someone who loves a good laugh with their morning cup of tea. This cheeky mug features a simple black and white design, with the word "unt" printed in bold letters across the front. While it may seem like a misspelling at first glance, those in the know will appreciate the hidden joke behind it.



These funny and rude Father's Day gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to your Dad's face. From saucy aprons to offensive wireless speakers, there is a funny gift for every type of Dad. Just remember to consider your Dad's personality and what makes him chuckle before choosing his funny present.

In addition to the Dad's, don't forget this day is also to celebrate other father figures in your life, such as Grandfathers, Uncles, and Father-in-laws. So why not spread the laughter and joy by gifting them with a cheeky present as well? These funny and rude gifts are sure to be a hit with all the father figures in your life this Father's Day. So go ahead, make them smile from ear to ear with these hilarious gift ideas!