Being a dad comes with all sorts of challenges, from tiny tantrums to messy toddlers, those tiny tots can be a serious handful! So, we've put together a little guide to help you through the fabulous ups and downs of fatherhood.

1. Stock up on 'kid currency' (a.k.a sweet treats)

You never know when you're going to need to get your child to do (or not do) something, keeping some cheeky treats in hand are crucial if you want to avoid any unnecessary tantrums (especially when you're out in public). So, avoid this at all costs by paying them off with sweets. Their mum will be wondering how you got them to be so well-behaved (just don't tell her your little secret!).

2. Self-defence: Repelling your 'tiny-attackers' (protecting your dadbod)

Kids can be fidgety little things, and often as a result they can end up kicking you where it hurts. Protect your precious dadbod with these useful self-defence tips:

The Rib Saviour- When you're lying down on your back, your kids can easily jump right onto your rib cage. Keep your hands at the ready, and in front, at all times.

The Nut Protector- When carrying your child, particularly on a chest carrier, leaves them open to kicking you in the nuts! Always place your hands so that they're blocking that particular area.

3. 'Playing games'

Treat house-hold chores like games and they'll never know the difference. The word 'game' for a child sounds fun and exciting, something they want to be a part of. So, telling them a basic household chore is a fun game will get them tidying up faster than you can put your feet up! Make it sound more interesting by introducing a timer, if you've got more than one child make it a competition. You'd be surprised at what you can get them to do!

4. The sneaky double-turn

Reading to your child is an important part of being a parent, it helps with their development and is a great way of spending some quality time together. However, let's be honest, some children's books are painfully boring, and when it's been a long day and you're ready to put them to bed then why not use the sneaky double-turn technique to get through a book twice as fast? This is when you sneakily turn two pages instead of one, without them knowing. There's just one catch, it has to be a book they haven't read before, otherwise they'll most likely notice.

5. The Dad 'survival kit'

Fatherhood can sometimes feel like a bit of a battle, in order to survive there are a few necessities to help you along the way. These are as follows:

Sweet snacks- For use as previously mentioned, but also for yourself, because being a dad is hard work and you deserve a little treat from time to time!

First aid box- Cuts and bruises are inevitable during your kids playful childhood. Always be prepared with plasters and bandages.

Coffee- Being a dad can be tiresome, keep fuelled with coffee (and lots of it!).

Beer (or some form of alcoholic beverage) - For when it's been a long day and the kids are all tucked up in bed.

6. Impeccable timing

When you feel like your kids are about to start an argument, now is the time to sneak off and do the washing up. Now, if your partner asks you to help out with the kids, you have a valid reason as to why you can't help out, leaving your partner to deal with any childish tantrums.

7. Keeping them quiet in the car

When you're on a long journey and the kids are starting to get bored and impatient, constantly nagging 'are we there yet?' like a record on repeat, it can be incredibly hard to control. To keep them occupied put an iPad in a Ziploc bag and attach it to the back of your car seat like a TV screen. This will entertain them for the whole journey, keeping them quiet!

8. Turn your stairs into a slide for endless hours of fun

Are you looking for a great yet easy and free way to keep your kids entertained at the weekends? Transform your stairs into the ultimate fun slide, simply by using cardboard. Place a large piece of cardboard over the stairs and let your kids slide away. This easy little hack will entertain them for hours.

9. Trick them into eating healthily

Getting your kids to eat healthy can sometimes feel like an impossible mission. Tackle this problem by disguising food as other things. Why not hide their greens in a smoothie and tell them it's a leprechaun drink? They'll never know the truth!

10. Tax everything with hugs

You can bribe your children to behave with sweets, but it works both ways. If your kid wants help tying their shoe laces or wants to go outside and play, tell them it comes at a price… and that price is hugs!