Every 24th February is World Bartender Day. It is a day where bartenders across the globe show off their skills and customers take a moment to truly appreciate the history of bartending. Celebrate #WorldBartenderDay with Find Me a Gift by enjoying alcohol gifts such as a masterclass, a tasting session, a new bartending accessory and more. Whether you want to appreciate and enjoy a bartender's ability and hard work a little more than usual or treat your favourite bartender to a small thank you gift, celebrate #WorldBartenderDay with alcohol gifts and experiences.

Have a virtual masterclass with professional mixologists this World Bartender Day

Learn the tricks of the trade with high-quality masterclasses. Gain insider knowledge and have a newfound gratitude and respect for bartenders across the globe who mix multiple gins and whisky cocktails within seconds. The best part? You can do this in the comfort of your own home. Just don't try to show off your new skills once you've had a few too many on your next night out. Bartenders deal with enough problems as it is without a wannabe mixologist jumping the bar.

Enjoy a tasting session at a top bar or restaurant

The only way you're going to appreciate bartenders is to get out and enjoy their drinks (when you're able). We've got plenty of drink experiences at Find Me a Gift to explore, from Gin Discovery days (multiple gin tasting sessions in one afternoon, yes please!) to a posher Vineyard Experience. Maybe you could leave a tip for the bartender who carefully made these drinks for you to enjoy. If you happen to be in the US reading this, you know that bartenders rely on their tips to, well, survive. Give them an extra hefty one to say thanks!

Upgrade your bartender tool kit

To really understand how hard a bartender works, upgrade your at home bartender kit with the likes of unique personalised glasses, cocktail mixers and wine coolers. You might think that it looks easy when they shake a mixer like a maraca and throw glasses and bottles all over the show, but you'll soon realise professional bartending is much harder. Plus, they have to do it with an easy smile on their face whilst dealing with a load of drunk people.

Expand your taste in alcohol with a new bottle of booze

Another excuse to buy a bottle of booze? We'll take it. Enjoy #WorldBartenderDay by trying a new alcoholic drink. We've got plenty of alcohol gifts from beer to gin and wine to prosecco, all with a personalised twist. Perhaps you could even buy your local bartender their own personalised bottle especially for them. It beats the standard pint at the end of their shift, doesn't it?

Other quickfire ways to celebrate World Bartender Day

  • Watch bartending films like Cocktail, Coyote Ugly, The Drop or Casablanca.
  • Make your own cocktail masterclass and see what concoctions you come up with.
  • Research the history of bartending; it dates back to Ancient Greece and Rome.
  • Be appreciative of your local bartenders every day and leave them with a tip and smile.