Whether they are Freshers or have been living the student life for a couple of years, the hardworking student in your life is bound to appreciate some amazing gifts whatever the occasion, especially if it doesn't involve food parcels and toiletries. Not that anyone would turn their nose up at such essential gifts for students, but something more fun would be nice too. That's where we come in. Find Me a Gift has plenty of inspiration and unique student presents to explore for all budget styles.

Alcohol Gifts for Students

Unless the undergraduate in your life is strictly against a drink or 2 (especially if it leads to 3, 4, floor), top gifts for students include a bottle of the good stuff that they can use for pre-drinks. Their night out will be as cheap as possible because of your savvy gift. Bonus! Explore personalised bottles of gin and wine as well as cheeky drinking games that will get the entire student population bladdered in a few quick turns. Your favourite student will quickly become the one to know in halls with your alcohol gifts in their possession.


Students will drink any beverage out of anything. Wine and beer as well as the usual tea and coffee out of mugs is basically the rule, so make sure it's a decent style with Find Me a Gift's selection of mug gifts. Explore present ideas such as photo mugs to remind them of all the good times you've shared, sarcastic quote mugs which will make them laugh out loud regardless of the time of day and cute mugs to inspire them and make their student housing feel more like home.

Game Gifts for Students

With all the downtime that students have (depending on the type of student they are), there is plenty of time for fun and games with their mates to avoid the dreaded boredom. Whether they want to play a game at lunchtime or at 2am in the morning, there are tonnes of gaming gifts for students to explore. How about an unusual game of Don't Be a DikDik or Murder on the Dancefloor? Do they love quizzes and tasks? There are games for those too!

Personalised wall art & cushions

Students will be a little homesick, unless they literally couldn't wait to leave… Plus, they only get the basics in terms of their accommodation. Make their new place more homely with personalised wall art print gifts and sentimental cushions. With bright and classic colour schemes as well as lovely, quirky and downright hilarious designs, the student in your life won't want any other gifts for students. Whether you want to showcase your dearest memories, remind them of what homes are filled of or present them with a tonne of photo gifts, there are plenty of sentimental present ideas for students.

Personalised Keepsakes Gifts

Student years are a momentous time in anyone's life. It's the time they learn a lot about who they are as a new adult, what they want to achieve in their future, the type of people they want to surround themselves with and so on. It is also a time they will look back on in love or regret or both. Personalised keepsakes gifts are presents they can treasure for the rest of their life. From keyrings to photo cubes they can fill with memories and candles to photo frames, there's tonnes of unique gifts for students with a sentimental twist.

Experience Days

Students are known to slog it out at the library until all hours, rushing between classes and having plenty of fun in-between. They're also known for not having much spare cash to do anything unique or unusual. Treat the student in your life to a gift experience they can create unforgettable memories with. A unique gift that will make you high on the list of favourite people. From dining vouchers to enjoy a meal other than noodles or pasta to spa experience days to really relax and adventure activities to burn off some steam to weekend away breaks to truly switch off, there are plenty of unique student experiences they'll enjoy.