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If you were the one person that everyone knew who could actually solve Rubik's Cube in well under fifty moves then the Find Me A Gift novelty games section is for you. Full of genuine brain teasers and mental conundrums you're going to be able to keep yourself busy for a long while, solving manically and concentrating so hard you'll be making all sorts of involuntarily clicks and whirs just like a computer from the late 80s.

The novelty games aren't just mind bogglers for one. In fact they're far from it. There is also plenty in there for the competitive fun lovers among you. These games make great gifts for housemates or any other type of cohabitating pal for that matter. You'll have the TV turned off and the brain in gear while having a brilliant time. Novelty games are where it's at!

If you know someone who would love a puzzle of a cerebral nature then why not order them one of our many novelty games? We'll even ship it straight to their door for you at a great price and in quick time too! Go on, games are the new rock and roll.