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smith and sinclair mixed cocktail pastilles
smith and sinclair mixed cocktail pastilles

Smith and Sinclair Mixed Edible Cocktails Selection

About The Product

  • A selection of edible cocktails to make your gift or celebration stand out from the rest
  • Made in London
  • 7% volume - that's the equivalent of half a shot in each sweet!
  • Eat in two bites, allowing time to rest on the palate
  • Each sweet is individually wrapped
  • A luxurious gift idea or dinner party accompaniment
  • Please eat responsibly
  • You must aged over 18 years to purchase this product
  • Box size approx. 10.3 x 18.3 x 5.3 cm

Smith and Sinclair Mixed Edible Cocktails Selection

Eat your drink

The perfect blend of squidgy and chewy, this mixed selection of Cocktail Pastilles by Smith and Sinclair is an exciting new way to eat your drink. Each of the edible cocktails contains the equivalent of half a shot of alcohol – meaning these sweeties are strictly for the grownups. Think of yourself in a magical boozy sweet shop and you’ve got the right idea!

Inside the box…

Rhuby Mule - contains vodka, ginger, and has a twist of rhubarb, then the pastille is coated in a lime sugar

Long Island High Tea - black tea infused vodka and rum, covered in rasperry flavour sugar

Gin & Tonic - violet infused gin coated in a tart lemon sherbet infused sugar

Elderflower Spritz - gin and elderflower sweet with a thyme sugar dusting

Berry Daiquiri - dark rum and mixed summer berries, coated in a pink and black peppercorn infused sugar

Spiced Rum - spiced dark rum with a clove infused sugar coating

Whisky Sour - grapefruit whisky pastille with a tart grapefruit pith infused sugar

Godson - whisky and amaretto pastille dusted in a sharp sugar

Perfect for…

Impressing that friend or family member who thinks they’ve seen it all. Ingeniously inventive and original, these delicately flavoured pastilles are the pinnacle of unusual gifts, or will add some real fun to your festivities.

What do you get?

  • 2 x Vodka Pastilles
  • 2 x Whisky Pastilles
  • 2 x Gin Pastilles
  • 2 x Rum Cocktails
Product code: smn002

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