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Personalised Wooden Love Ornament

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Presenting the Personalised Wooden Love Ornament – a gift that's not just a token but a true embodiment of affection. This ornament is more than a decoration; it's a heartfelt gesture that can be tailored to suit any occasion.

Variety of Designs:Express your love in your own special way by choosing from 3 captivating designs: Botanical, Big Date, and Heart. Each design carries its own charm, ensuring your gift resonates perfectly with your sentiment.

The front of this ornament becomes a canvas for your emotions, and can be personalised with your chosen wording, creating a unique connection between your heart and the gift.

Crafted with care, this wooden ornament exudes an air of elegance. Handmade with attention to detail, it carries a sense of authenticity that enhances its appeal. Please embrace the slight imperfections that come with handcrafted treasures, as they add to the charm of this gift.

Whether it's a couple's journey, a new home, wedding bliss, an engagement, or an anniversary milestone, the Personalised Wooden Love Ornament is a versatile choice that encapsulates the joy of these occasions.

Height: Varies based on design, approximately 15-20cm

Width: Varies based on design, approximately 15-20cm

Celebrate love and life's beautiful moments with the warmth of wood and the personal touch of our Wooden Love Ornament. This gift speaks the language of the heart.

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About this product

  • Personalised Wooden Love Ornament – a gift that echoes emotions
  • Choose from Botanical, Big Date, and Heart designs for a tailored touch
  • Handmade craftsmanship with slight imperfections for authenticity
  • Versatile gift for couples, housewarming, weddings, engagements, and anniversaries
  • Dimensions: Height varies (15-20cm), Width varies (15-20cm)

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