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Personalised Friends TV Show Gifts

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Hey! You there.

How you doin'?

Bet you read that in Joey's voice. 

Now that we have your attention, see the range of Friends merchandise that you can get personalised for the very special lobsters in your life, and your friends too, of course. If you are a fan of the cult sitcom, we don't need to explain the heart-warming terms that society continues to use on a daily basis since the show ended in 2004... FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. 

Relish in the nostalgia and buy your favourite people - flatmates or otherwise - these pieces of Friends merchandise that will take pride of place in their kitchens and living areas. We wonder if they'll be as messy as Joey, or as obsessive as Monica with where they put them but know that they will love this piece of nineties' nostalgia however they have their coffee or write their notes. 

There are four styles to choose from for both mug and notebook: a You're the Ross to my Rachel, You're the Monica to my Chandler, How You Doin'? and You're My Lobster. If you have a love-hate-love/always gonna happen/people root for you despite everything kinda relationship, it's a Ross and Rachel vibe. If you are meant to be, but let it grow slowly from friendship to love, therefore always being best friends, it's a Monica and Chandler style you're after. If you know a cheeky chappy with a winning smile and a trail of ladies fawning themselves over him, or a sucker for Joey's line, "How You Doin'?" will be sure to make them nod in agreement, or swoon. As for the "You're My Lobster" style - it's a Phoebe line about the will they, won't they? They always do, so get it for your other half who you refuse to live without. 

You won't need to visit a Central Perk, or its equivalent, to get your mug of coffee! Plus, you can personalise each mug with a name of up to fourteen characters to make sure nobody else steals your mug, or even worse... your coffee!

If coffee isn't your thing, buy a soft touch notebook worthy of Monica's lists. Again, the same four themes are your choices so make the decision wisely. Perhaps if you want to buy both mug and notebook, you should pick two variations and package it for the Friends fan in your life! 

Personalise the notebook with a name, using up to fourteen characters so that nobody can steal this piece of Friends merchandise that your friend really wants and needs in their life! 


About this product

  • Friends merchandise to take you on a trip down memory lane.
  • Perfect for the Friends' fans in your life. 
  • A choice of 4 "themes" of mug and notebook.
  • 4 "themes" include: Ross & Rachel, Monica & Chandler, How You Doin?, You're My Lobster. 
  • Test your Friends knowledge with matching each theme to your friend's personality.
  • Personalise with a name of up to 14 characters. 
  • Each item is sold separately.


Product code: ema022

What do you get

  • 1 x Personalised Friends Mug OR 1 x Personalised Friends Notebook.


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