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Nationwide Microlight Experience 

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Get ready to soar with excitement!

Discover the thrill of microlighting like never before with these unbeatable nationwide microlight lessons! They’re rolling out the red carpet for you, offering 20, 30, and even 60-minute microlight experiences that take off from airfields across the entire country. Yep, you read that right – they're everywhere!

Your voucher is your golden ticket to adventure, and it's valid at all the fantastic locations currently listed. That's right, folks, these microlight lessons are not only the best value in town but also the most flexible ones out there.

Before you take flight, you'll kick things off with a pre-flight briefing that'll get you buzzing with anticipation. You'll get up close and personal with the aircraft, and here's the kicker: these microlights are so light (less than 450kg, to be exact) that they practically defy gravity! We'll also sprinkle in some fascinating insights into the basic principles of flight – trust us, it's like a science fiction movie before you even leave the ground!

Once you're securely strapped in, leave the take-off and climb to the pros – our experienced instructors have got you covered. As you settle into the clouds, your pilot will treat you to a few graceful turns, and then it's your turn to shine. Believe it or not, you'll find that piloting a microlight is a piece of cake (and incredibly thrilling!) – it's like riding a bike, but in the sky!

Microlight aircraft come in all shapes and sizes. Some clubs across the UK are cruising in modern fixed-wing microlights, offering the comfort of a regular training aircraft. Others are keeping it old school with flexible-wing, 'open cockpit' style microlights that give you that wind-in-your-hair, open-to-the-elements kind of flying.

Safety is our top priority, so rest assured that all the microlight clubs and training schools we feature are proud members of the British Microlight Aircraft Association. Plus, their aircraft meet all the British Civil Airworthiness Requirements set by the CAA – no shortcuts taken here!

Ready to take the plunge (or should we say flight?) into the world of microlighting? Our nationwide vouchers are your ticket to over 20 different microlight schools all across the country. No matter where you are, there's an airfield waiting to whisk you away on this ultra-light adventure. So why wait? In just a few clicks, you'll have your best value microlight experience booked and ready to rock!

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About this product

  • Take a trial flying lesson in a fixed-wing or flex-wing microlight
  • Ground briefing and explanation of the aircraft
  • Learn how the controls influence the flight of the aircraft
  • Opportunity to take the controls and fly the microlight for part of the flight
  • Insulated flying suits are provided for flex-wing flights
  • 20, 30, or 60 minute lessons are available
  • Flex wing' microlights have open style cockpits and a wing like a hang glider
  • Fix wing' microlights have a closed cockpit and resemble your typical light aircraft
  • Microlighting is available throughout the year at most venues where conditions allow
  • Some flying venues are only operational at weekends
  • Minimum age 14
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on the airfield by an adult
  • Maximum weight of 15 stone (100kg in Staffordshire & Somerset Westonzoyland airfield)
  • Maximum height 6ft 2ins
  • A good, general level of fitness and health is required
  • If you have any medical conditions please check this with your doctor, some providers may need proof of a doctors note to ensure that you are fit to fly
  • Spectators are most welcome to go along to the airfield to watch the take off and landing
  • Facilities on site vary from location to location
  • Flight times are 'chock to chock' so include taxi time


20 Minute Flights

  • Hull Beverley - Flex & Fixed   
  • Somerset Bath - Flex & Fixed
  • Staffordshire Otherton Airfield - Flex
  • Wiltshire   Yatesbury Airfield - Fixed

30 Minute Flights

  • Buckinghamshire Wycombe Air Park, Marlow - Fixed
  • Cambridgeshire Ely - Flex
  • Hampshire Popham Airfield - Flex
  • Hertfordshire St Albans - Flex
  • Hull Beverley - Flex & Fixed 
  • Lincolnshire Grantham - Fixed 
  • Northumberland   Longframlington   - Flex & Fixed
  • Powys Welshpool - Fixed
  • Somerset  Bath - Flex & Fixed
  • Somerset Westonzoyland Airfield - Flex
  • Staffordshire near Lichfield - Flex & Fixed
  • Staffordshire Otherton Airfield - Flex
  • Staffordshire Tatenhill Airfield - Flex & Fixed 
  • West Midlands Stourbridge - Flex & Fixed 
  • Wiltshire   Marlborough - Clench Common Airfield - Fixed 
  • Wiltshire   Yatesbury Airfield - Fixed

60 Minute Flights

  • Bedfordshire Sandy - Fixed 
  • Buckinghamshire Wycombe Air Park, Marlow - Fixed
  • Cambridgeshire  Ely - Flex
  • Hampshire Popham Airfield - Flex    
  • Hull Beverley - Flex & Fixed 
  • Kent Rochester Airport - Fixed 
  • Lincolnshire Grantham - Fixed 
  • Northumberland   Longframlington   - Flex & Fixed 
  • Powys Welshpool - Fixed
  • Scotland Kinross - Fixed 
  • Somerset  Bath - Flex & Fixed
  • Somerset Westonzoyland Airfield - Flex
  • Staffordshire near Lichfield - Flex & Fixed
  • Staffordshire Otherton Airfield - Flex
  • Staffordshire Tatenhill Airfield - Flex & Fixed
  • Wiltshire  Yatesbury Airfield - Fixed

The gift vouchers you use for your experience gifts typically have a 12 month validity.

If you have not used your voucher in this time, please contact us and we may be able to help extend the deadline by up to a further six months.

There is an administration fee to extend the validity of a voucher.

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