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eco glitter

Eco Glitter Bum Kit

About the product

  • You get 7 individual pots of glitter in each set
  • Includes organic aloe vera gel
  • Made from eco-friendly biodegradable cellulose film
  • The glitter won't degrade until it reaches soil, water, or compost
  • No compromise on safety or fun, so you can still get your sparkle on
  • Sustainably sourced, cruelty-free and cosmetic grade
  • Vegan friendly
  • Suns Out, Bums Out - perfect for this summers hottest #GlitterBums trend!

Eco Glitter Bum Kit

I'd rather be shinyyyy!

Everyone looks fitter in glitter. From your man to your gran, no exceptions! But microplastics are not such a hot look for the environment. Our addiction to the sparkly stuff, especially around festival season, has been contributing to the problem of plastics in the environment. Until now…

Eco Glitter is bringing you your favourite pixie dust made from biodegradable cellulose film. It’s cruelty-free, sustainable and just as shinyyyy as your favourite old plastic glitter, and it's positvely perfect for your posterior too!

#GlitterBums✨Yes, the latest summer trend is glitter bums - wonderful shiny stuff all over your booty. So whether you're hitting a music festival or the beach you can use this glitter kit to beautify your butt!

Ever wondered how people create those amazing designs, when every time you put glitter on your brush it falls right off? Just use the organic aloe vera gel on your face or body, and of course your bottom and you can create any magical look you can imagine. The glitter will stick to it perfectly and when you’re done, just wipe it all off...

And don’t forget to sing the ‘Shiny’ song from Disney's Moana whenever you get your glitter on (it just feels right!).

In this uber chunky set you'll receive a rainbow's worth of glitter colours:

  • Aqua (turquoise)
  • Rosa (pink)
  • Violetta (violet)
  • Vanna (silver)
  • Rosa Scuro (hot pink)
  • Aurelie (gold)
  • Verde (green)

What do you get?

  • 7 x 4g Bottles of 'uber chunky' biodegradable glitter
  • 1 x Linen bag
  • 1 x 10ml Pot of organic aloe vera gel
  • 0 x Guilt
Product code: FMAG002

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