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Cat Wash

Cat Wash

About The Product

  • Get rid of 'Smelly Cat Syndrome' once and for all
  • A happy cat means a happy owner!
  • Operates remotely with the FREE downloadable app
  • Can also be used to clean chinchillas, small dogs, and rabbits
  • Comes with two bottles of Purrrfumed Lotion


Cat Wash

Working at the Cat Wash, yeah

Mankind’s history is measured by its great inventions. First came fire. Then the wheel. Following that, sliced bread. Today is the time of the Cat Wash. It’s the world’s first fully-automated and domestic cat washing machine… and it’s going to change the world.

The Cat Wash™ has been exclusively designed with cats in mind. The brushes soothe and massage whilst at the same time removing dirt and dust. This means you’ll have both a relaxed and hygienic cat on your hands. A clean cat is a happy cat. And a happy cat means a happy owner.

Cat Wash™ has lots of great built-in features to ensure it fits in seamlessly with your schedule and the demands of modern life:

  • It has a Cat Activation button so that any cat can operate the Cat Wash™ whenever their little hearts desire. (Full training instructions are included).
  • You can operate Cat Wash™ remotely with the FREE downloadable app. Just wait for your cat to wonder into the middle of the brushes and press ‘Start’ on your electronic device to commence kitty cleansing.
  • In addition to cats the Cat Wash™ can also be used to clean chinchillas, small dogs, and rabbits.
  • It’s easy to refill with water and comes with two bottles of PH-balanced cleaning Purrrfume Lotion™

Tom Catford, Berkshire: “My cat Jim was always smelling the house up with his strange odour. I was actually embarrassed to invite guests round. That was until I bought Cat Wash. Now my house is as clean as a whistle because Jim left and didn’t come back.

Tillit Hurtz, Shropshire: “Best product I’ve ever had the opportunity to use. My cat Fuzz Aldrin loves it. Every cat owner needs one. By no means was I paid to give a positive review of Cat Wash.

P.S. Have no fear we're not actually producing this product! 

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