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No Bull - Bullsh*t Card Game

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A fast moving, easy to play card and dice game for grownups, our bullshit game requires you to separate fact from fiction. Each card contains a set of 'facts' which may or may not be true and you have to decide whether they are complete BS or 'no bull'. The likelihood of actually knowing the answer is fairly low so just have a stab and guess your best! You can even up the stakes by betting on the answer if you're really sure and risk a whole lot more.

This entertaining card game is for 2 to 8 players and tests your ability to decipher fact from fiction. Inside each box are 3 coloured decks of special trivia cards, a dice and the all-important set of instructions. The rules of the BS game are fairly simple; each player takes a turn decided whether the 'fact' read out is true or false by declaring 'no bull' or 'bullsh*t'. A winner is declared for each deck and the overall winner is the person, or team, who wins the most decks (not individual cards!). The make the game even more entertaining you can bet on your answers, laying down up to three cards if you're confident enough. If you're right, you'll win more cards, if not then then you'll have to pay the price and pay them back!

With statements such as 'it is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky', the bs card game is not for the gullible or trusting. Each 'fact' sounds plausible, so it's up to each player to conclude whether it's all just a bunch of baloney, or your friend is speaking the truth. With the no bull game it's as much about being good at reading body language, as it is about general knowledge. If you're going to break this out at dinner parties and family gatherings, you might want to practice your poker face beforehand! A highly entertaining gift for every occasion, the bullshit card game is oodles of fun.

About this product

  • A fast moving, easy to play card & dice game
  • Pit your wits against your friends!
  • Box contains 3 decks of coloured trivia cards, dice and instructions
  • You get to guess whether the statements are 'No Bull' or complete and utter 'Bullsh*t'!
  • Up the stakes and buzz by betting extra cards on your confidence
  • Can be played with 2-8 players (or teams)

Product code: box062

What do you get

  • 3 x Special Packs of Trivia Cards
  • 1 x Dice
  • 1 x Set of Instructions


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Isobel Lowrie' | 23/11/21 | Collected by Trustpilot

10 characters

Chris kelsey | 06/07/21 | Collected by Trustpilot

Great fun

Kevin Mumford | 26/01/21 | Collected by Trustpilot

Really good for the money

Sarah Davis | 25/01/21 | Collected by Trustpilot

This game is a good game for all ages. I would definitely recommend

Holly | 30/12/20 | Collected by Trustpilot

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